Saturday, June 14, 2008

Angel Wings and Black Roses

A day late for Friday the 13th...but given we only had 5 minutes, at least we got one {maybe 4 but I only worked one one}.

{Click to see more detail}



christie said...

Awesome pic ... love the texture!
Have a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning K family,
Mrs. K, the picture of the clock and the one of the fountian were awesome! My leagally blind eyes cannot see pictures of people because there is just too much detail in a face. However, on a good day I can still see pictures of big objects and since today is a good day vision-wise (how much I can see varies quite a bit from day to day and sometimes minute to minute. It's complicated.) I went back and looked at your recent pictures. I too, love fountians as there is something about water that is very soothing. I am gald to hear things are going well and that there is a plan in place to help Kolin with math. I understnad completely...I can do just enough math to balance my checkbook and even then I have to use a calculator lol! See that Kolin, even some of us grown-ups hate math lol! You are all in my prayers as always.
Love, blessings and tons of hugs,

Mama Bear said...

wow, great photo!! I love it!! You sure do good work!! Thanks for sharing!!

Have a awesome weekend!

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Wow,that's attractive.


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