Thursday, June 5, 2008

Green Day

"The world is wide; no two days are alike, nor even two hours; neither were there ever two leaves
of a tree alike since the creation of the world; and the genuine productions of art, like those of
nature, are all distinct from one another."

- John Constable

Since I have nobody around here lately that wants to cooperate, or sit still, or fall victim to my endless pleading and bribery, I had a good one on one talk with all things green and growing in our yard yesterday.
They are so cooperative and majestic and pretty.
The first two are our "Yucca Trees", that started out as the cutest little babies years ago.
The last is our "Elephaunt Ears" in which I know I spelled wrong but because I really {heart} my new fellow "Phauntland" family, I'll leave it that way for them. :0)

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the hellians and they are stoked!
Kody and Kaysha are finishing up their finals and Kolin is all in his elementary school glory because the only thing he needs to learn this week is home runs in kick ball games, eating cookies at picnic day {today} and challenging his fellow peers to a popcorn eating contest during movie day {tomorrow}.
I kind of hate to break this to him..but he's having more fun in school this week then he will at home. LOL!!

Yesterday Mrs. Jones {Kody's favorite teacher a/k/a second Mom} sent him home earlier then usual. Seems she saw him have three distinct staring/blank look/lost in space spells and was super worried about seizure activity.
I picked him up, brought him home and he looked just fine to me, which leads me to think that he either has...

1. Girls on the brain or
2. Summer vacation dreams.

His next appt. is on Monday afternoon at his new Neurologist {this is the first time we meet him} in Orlando.
This time we are going armed with CD's, written reports and films of all his MRI's and CT Scans since 2004 up to last month.
We have got to start getting some concrete answers somehow as to why there is still tumor in there, although unchanged since 9/2006.
We also need answers as to his voice issues. Some days it is sooooo bad that unless he is right in front of your face in a 100% completely quiet room, you just can't understand him.
Some days are better though..I have to admit.

Some days I often find myself wondering what his voice sounded like when it was normal.
I find myself getting very blue and very down because I don't remember..I seriously do not remember what his cute 11 year old voice sounded like before he started losing it in July/August of 2007.
I hate those days. :0(

Anywho's...I'm ending this on a happier note.
Kody is who he is and we love him..our hero, our Bear and he is, as of 12:15 tomorrow afternoon, when he walks out of the black gate with the red trim at his middle school, officially a 7th grader!!
And..if you can believe it..this August he officially turns into a teenager.
Goodness, help us all cuz he is already showing us the signs.....

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

LOL - hating to warn the kids that they are actually having more fun at school than they will at home. I felt like that last week and we were only missing baseball season. I threw my arms up into the air and said I "couldn't wait" for 2.5 months of no school! :o) Enjoyed the plant pics, and have never, ever, noticed that you have Elephant Ears outdoors in FL. SIGH...we sure don't!!

Sure wish Kody was not having his voice 'issues', but am keeping my fingers crossed the new team of doctors are able to figure some things out for you.

Perhaps tomorrow is "the day" (MORNING!) for me to're going to have a wild, crazy, busy household after then!!! :)

Now off to your other post......I feel so behind when you do more than one post a day. (And...I'm guilty of visiting more than once a day sometimes, stalking and waiting for an update, but it's still impressive how many hits your blog is getting. I'm not surprised, though!)



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