Saturday, June 21, 2008

Boggy Creekin'

This is so late...sorry!!!!

Kody left on Thursday afternoon for camp...I tried to convince him it wasn't too late to change his mind and come back home.
He said "See ya next week Mom & Dad", turned around and walked away without even looking back.
The brat.

Kolin and Kaysha seem a little lost without him around. Crazy, huh?
They complain when he's here...because he's so perky and they are soooo not.
When he's not here, they miss his goofiness.

Kolin made it through his first week of summer school.
He wouldn't mind at so much if for at least one day it wouldn't rain and storm at exactly 3 o'clock when he gets cut loose.
All that boy wants to do is swim after school..and mother nature is giving him the stink eye every afternoon.
So, today's Saturday..and guess what?
Yep....the storm clouds are bearing down upon us as we speak/type/chat/blog.

I'm hoping to do some "Blogger Facelifts" over the that explains why it may look a little wonky, unmatched and strange until I can decide what color this week I'm most into.

Not much else going on. The new kittens are K*R*A*Z*Y!!
But..we love em' anyway.
I was asked a few times about their names. So, I hope this can explain it.

Tiki..welp, it means nothing except that I am into Tiki's and I thought the name was cute.

Atreyu is a name the kids wanted.
It's pronounced like this..

Short "A". Tray, Long "U".

I have no idea what it means...I just know it's the name of a band that they like and they thought the name was kickin. :0)

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

I seriously have to get some things done around here before the lightening starts.

Love, Kim

PS. I miss my Bear. :0(


Jennifer said...


Atreyu is the name of the warrior child in The Neverending Story. Thats where the band got their name from.

the Nor Cal one :)

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon K family and fans of the K family. I've got a little trivia tidbit about the name is origionally from the book-turned-movie in the eighties, The Never-ending Story. It is the name of one of the main warriors in the story. I don't know this for a fact but I was told that the band took the name from the story. I'm sorry I'm such a geek lol but I've been a bookworm my whole life and that story is a personal favorite. Anyway, I am gald to hear things are going well. Love, blessings and tons of hugs,


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