Friday, June 13, 2008

"K" Gals And Their Purses

Us "K" gals..we do love our purses.

While KK likes her's super tiny.
Kayara is still in diaper bag/purse mode.
I love mine really big, roomy, pleathery, full of pockets and colorful for all my many important things {and everyone else's important things a/k/a boys stuff}.
Kaysha likes her small, but not too small and has to be rockin' cute.

This is the one she's been carrying around lately, given to her by her big sis Karyelle, for her 17th b-day last April...

I took this the same day I took the "Clock" picture. Kaysha wouldn't let me walk 10 steps alone from where we parked next to City Hall, to get to the clock.
So..she walked kind of with me, but not really with me, more like off to the side and a little behind, because I am lame and all.
Plus she was soooo worried that talking pictures in the middle of Main Street could get you arrested. LOL!! can't, right? :0/


Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Love that purse!! You made me LOL, about you being too lame to walk next to your daughter! :)

Have a good weekend...can't wait to see what luck came your way today.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love a good bag!!


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