Monday, June 30, 2008

A One On One, Exclusive Interview With The Girl Formally Known As Goth Girl

Every so once in a while..I get a break from trying to think of new blogging stories.
Sometimes...even I run out of things to say. those times I depend on my family to help out.

Today, I gift to you a one-on-one, {keeping it real} exclusive interview with Kaysha, the girl formally known as "Goth Girl".

Ready? Here goes...

M: Hey Kay Hey
K: Hey Girl Hey

M: So, this is your very first blog interview. How are you?
K: I could be better.

M: Why’s that?
K: You made me watch four hours of America’s Top Model yesterday so I could learn how to pose so I could have this interview. Other then that, I’m pretty good Mom.

M: Ummm…yeah, about that…did you learn anything?
K: Yeah, a few tricks. Your gonna have to wait and see!!

M: How’s summer vacation going?
K: OK. I’ve been having fun playing Scrabble with you.

M: Any plans for the next six weeks?
K: I plan on making some new friends. I want to be an inspiration to others, if you know what I mean.

M: Your kind of the private type and I happen to know there are a lot of peep’s wanting to know about the girl “formally known as Goth Girl”. Would you mind sharing some of your life with the Blogger world?
K: Yes Mom, I’ll share my life.

M: You no longer dress in all black, so is that “Goth” part of your life gone for good?
K: I’m G’d up from the feet up. I put a little “pop” in my wardrobe!

M: So, what would you describe your “style” as being now?
K: Mom, I just told you, see above answer and I’m not one of those mall rats’s that run around with labels.

M: So, you are just “you”.
K: Yes Mom

M: What are your favorite brand of clothing now?
K: My Jordan’s of course. South Pole, Baby Phat, Phat Farm and Apple Bottom.

M: Thank goodness for Ross, huh?
K: Thank goodness for Ross.

M: You have extremely beautiful eyes. What is your secret?
K: Eyeliner and mascara in black. Pink eyeshadow too. Oh, and I’m just naturally cute. :0)

M: Do your friends read this blog?
K: Yes, don’t remind me.

M: Wow
K: yeah

M: Do you have a favorite color?
K: Baby pink

M: Food?
K: Egg rolls

M: Restaurant?
K: The Hip-Hop Diner in Orlando.

M: Sibling?
K: Kyle James

M: Parent?
K: I love you both.

M: What’s your all time favorite movie?
K: Finding Nemo and Rent

M: Why do you call me lame?
K: {laughing} Because I love you.

M: Want to play some Scrabble later?
K: I’d love to play a ravishing game of Scrabble with you as long as you don’t use the word “veto”. It’s not a word and neither is “LOL”!! :0)

M: Kaysha…”Veto” is a word..look it up.
K: Whatever Mom.

M: If you were to spend two weeks anywhere in the world, where would you go?
K: New York City, of course!

M: Who would you take with you?
K: You, Mom.

M: What are your three most treasured possessions?
K: My eyeliner, my Valentine’s Day edition J’s and my gold heart necklace.

M: Well Kaysha, that about wraps up our interview. Now, let’s go see what you learned watching four hours of America’s top Model. What do you say to that?
K: There better be a Starbuck’s trip in the future.

M: Yeah…that’s what I’m talkin’ about.
K: Let’s go.

And, that concludes Kaysha's first, but not last interview ever.
I'm only putting up three, although I have about 30 of her mini-shoot.
Looks like ATM has really paid off. :0)

I'll work on some others later on. I mean, after can't have enough pic's of a teen with a flair for some color pop in her outfits. :0)

Right now..I've got to get ready to dodge some rain, thunder and lightening so I can get Bear out to get his "Mohawk" tightened up so he'll look rock star awesome on Wednesday when he goes back to Orlando for his EEG.

Have an awesome day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Awesome interview!

And wow, Kaysha, you are gorgeous!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

I Bet A Strawberry Frap.From Starbucks Would Just Make Her So Happy!!

**H!NT H!NT**

rocketbear said...

Gorgeous girl!! Kaysha, you should let you momma do all the pix of you she's wants (hint, hint back at ya! LOL). Goth girl with pop has got it goin' on. :)

Great interview, Kim!


katy said...

Looks like she has been practicing her ATM poses...she looks good.

leese said...

You tell that teenaged sweetie she ROCKS!!! And she's a VERY patient girl putting up with her Mom's interview ;->. I couldn't get that much 'published time' outta mine!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Kim! Don't know if it's just me, but I found the red print especially difficult to read against the blue background...could just be these old eyes though! LOL

Pat in CA

Micky said...

Wow! It's been a while since we've had a Kaysha exclusive - very impressed. And I looooove Rent. Way to go, girl!


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