Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Darn Those Seasonal Allergies

This kiddo' of mine woke up today looking like he got into some kind of boxing match with Mother Nature..

And, in as much as I love him..I really wish he'd keep his snot to himself. :0)

Tuesday nights, at our place, is called "family night".
Today's Tuesday so we'll most likely spend all day trying to come up with something to do.
It's gray and raining...no doubt we'll be arguing over which DVD to watch...for like the 30th time.
I do know one thing for sure...Kaysha and I are outnumbered, so our chick flicks won't even be an option.
I know one other thing for sure...if we have to sit through one more car chase, slaughter, throw em' out a glass window guy flick...it's mini makeover night for us, and that's no joke. :0)

Mental reminder note to myself...
Check out Netflix..I hear it's pretty decent.

America's Top Model is really paying off...here's a few more I worked on a little last night.

Unfortunately, after those three pic's, I had to tend to Tiki and Atreyu who were driving me so crazy jumping around like two wild hellians...that I had to get off of photoshop heaven and do something with them before they woke the other set of hellians up.
What is it with cats? Why do they come alive at night anyway...or is it just mine?

Tomorrow we'll have Kody back at neurology for his EEG.
Fingers crossed and lots of prayers that there is no seizure activity showing up on that test.
If so, when we see his neurologist on the 22nd, we can take him off his seizure med's and see if his body will allow him to go on to live a seizure free life.
Wouldn't that just be too cool? :0)

Not much else going on here as of now...but if anything changes that's totally entertaining...I'll be back. LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

Kim, I so totally know what you mean. In our house, if Wade has the remote, which is anytime he is home or awake, unless it's the History channel then it's something with shooting or women screaming. Until you try to study or sleep, you never realize how many movies have women screaming in them. grrr anyway, fingers and toes crossed for the EEG. Love ya, CJ and Ashley

Anonymous said...

I love all Kaysha's photos!! Hope the allergies are on the mend soon!!

Tammy said...

we live in NW Fl and my son is what I call "the poster child for allergies" hahah--he spent his entire childhood looking like Kolin---swollen eyes, drippy nose, etc. He was also covered in what the call HEAT induced hives. I was like "Come On!! we live in FL. Do you think we could escape the heat?" Thank goodness he is grown and for the most part the worst of it has died down.

I know you guys are praying folks and I am asking you to pray for my little CF buddy. Here is his story: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/anthonyv
He is- at this moment--undergoing a double lung transplant due to CF(cystic fibrosis). He is 12 yrs old. I was one of his teachers and have known him since he was 5 yrs old.



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