Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another Rained Out Saturday

We definitely need the rain I won't complain about too much. :0)

What is it about kids {Kolin}, bowls of cereal {Honey Comb} and Saturday morning cartoons & movies {Robot Boy and The Silver Surfer} that makes things just feel so sweet? There I go, throwing back the memory thing again.

The three kids I have left at home couldn't be more different.
Case in point..

Kaysha's Saturday morning.

1. Get up.
2. Eat whatever falls out of the cabinet.
3. Make two cappachino' for her and one for me.
4. Hate the idea of going to work on a weekend night.
5. Find something on TV to watch and try to forget she has a little brother that wakes up way too early and is a computer hog while he is awake.
6. Try on 7 outfits.
8. Decide on none.

Kody's Saturday morning routine...

1. Sleep.
2. Sleep more.
3. Don't let anything bother you, stay in bed.
4. Continue sleeping.
5. Wake up at noon.
6. Eat 6 pancakes, two waffles, one banana, a leftover 6 inch Cuban sub, 1 glass of milk, 1 glass of apple juice, a bowl of cereal, and a half a box of cheez its. {this, I swear is no joke...and he doesn't have an ounce of body fat on him, the brat}
7. Ask what's for lunch.
8. Work out.
9. Eat again.
10. Get on computer.
11. Eat again.
12. Swim.


1. Wake up with the sun.
2. Hang with dad before he leaves for work.
3. Turn on cartoons.
4. Eat breakfast in front of the TV.
5. Chill until it's his computer time.
6. Hang off the ceiling while waiting for computer time.
7. Run with the cats from one room to the next.
8. Play video games.
9. Eat again.
10. Watch a movie.
11. Swim

I love them all, I really do...but they sure are different from each other.

Welp, it looks like my computer time is coming to a fast end, because I've got kids of all ages looking at me with the puppy dog eyes, well, except for that sleepy one.
I have a new hat pattern that I started last night and it is too cute, so I better finish that up.

I'll leave you all with two forgotten pictures from a couple of weeks ago. In looking through some folders last night, I found these...enjoy!!

Have yourselves an awesomely beautiful day today!!

Love, Kim

PS. Coming soon..Kody's very first blog interview ever. Ya won't want to miss it!! :0)


momto2boys said...

My kids both get up so early...drives me insane. I wish they would sleep later. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the first ever blog interview!!


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