Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kody's EEG

Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday..when I finally had time to, we had a rip roaring, high wind, lightening filled, very wet storm come though.

Kody's EEG went great yesterday and though we won't have the results back until the 22nd when we go on back to see the neurologist...he still did awesome. awesome as goofy lets one be.

Here he is all wired up and ready to have the lights turned off and those brain numbing flashy lights turned on...

While most kids would cringe at the thought of Mom wanting a photo of this time in their life..that's not Bear.
Bear loves girls and girls love Bear and anytime he can have a picture taken of him that appears he is suffering miserably, and those girls that I mentioned give him the..
"Awwww...Kody, are you OK? Is there anything I can do for you?" sympathy...he's all over it, like white on rice baby, like peanut butter on chocolate, like me on Starbucks, like...
Oh..never mind, ya'all get the idea.

I have mentioned that he is not the least little bit shy, haven't I?

It's back to the neurosurgeon's on Monday.
That's when he himself will review all the latest MRI's and give us his opinion on the shunt valve that his neurologist thinks is in Kody's best interest.

Ahhhh...I don't there's much else going on around here this morning, so with that goofy face I posted, I hope I gave ya'all a little smile this morning.
Back to doing the "Mom" thing again. :0/
Have an awesome day everyone!!!

Love, Kim

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Jenner said...

Praying for good results on Kody's test. Have a safe & happy July 4th weekend! Love, Hugs & Prayers from WI, Jen


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