Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Gecko a/k/a Lizard Dude

Not to be confused with that car insurance lizard Dude {Sorry Hallie..I just had to throw in that "Dude" just for you..LOL!!}

Gecko lives on my kickin' green wicker bench that Karlio rescued from a plumbing company's trash last winter.
I love that bench, and does "Lizard Dude".

Know who else loves that bench?
Lizard Dude's lady friend...but she's still a little on the shy side, whereas Lizard Dude loves to show off his red chin thing.
Something tells me she loves his red chin, yeah..I think I saw it on Animal Planet once.

On to more normal things..

Backyard Bubbles.

Bubbles are cool, bubbly, colorful and lots of fun.
Ummm..until those soapy, slimy bursts of yuckness pop on my 50mm lens.
Then they are a nuisance and that's when I call it a day.

Today, I promised Kolin I'd try the bubble thing again, however, this chick is standing back..way, back.

Kody's first ever blog interview is on it's way and to top off his turn at "Keeping it Real..Keeping it Clean", he and I are off for a mini shoot at a new location I happened to spot weeks ago.
You'll never believe a place like this could be so dang cool...tight, ummm, sweet...OK, whatever.

Have a great day everyone...enjoy your Sunday!!

Love, Kim

1 comment:

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


APOLOGIZING for the use of "DUDE" does not make it any better!!!

Jeesh woman!! And I thought you were my favorite Floridian!

I assume you have learned your lesson!

Hallie :)


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