Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spider Kolin

Last Sunday, when I took Kody out in the rain for his photo's, Kolin schlepped along too.
I'm still trying to figure out how that happened, I had no intention on bringing him...but he went from PJ's to being dressed almost exactly like his big brother and in the car in 0.3 seconds.
That kid is fast.

Since the tender age of one, Kolin has been a bonified professional escape artist.
He never really slept in a crib because he could climb out faster then you could lay him down, shut off the light and walk out the door.
He never used a walker because he'd climb out of that too.
We bought endless car seats, each one, with the promise of locking him in tighter and tighter.
Even the race car harness was no problem to an 18 month old who wanted out.
You wouldn't believe how many times I would have to pull over and rebuckle Houdini back into his seat.

Kolin is pretty good at something else.
He can climb. Good Lord, that child can climb.

Now, I know alot of little boys can climb, but Kolin is a chronic climber..and that is no joke.

When he was two, he figured out how to climb doorways.
To this day he simply cannot help himself...if there is a fence, ladder, rock, wall, lumber pile, tree, or tall person around...he has got to climb it.

So..while I was photographing Kody, and the rain was started to come down a little more then a my direct right and Kody's direct left, this is what we found...

When I told him to get down..he did, but not before climbing those last three steps to see what was inside that dumpster, then he climbed on other things, anything, the boy is a natural born climber and he will not quit, not ever.
I love that kid though...he's definitely one of my favorites.
And, don't you just know...not a half second after I snapped this one, see that green/blue and whitish wall behind him? He was up it too. :0/

To all the Mom's of "Spider Children"..I feel your pain, I really do. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!

Love, Kim

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Lisa said...

I guess Alain Robert is one of Kolin's hero's - I love to watch him climbing, peeping out from behind a cushion!


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