Tuesday, July 29, 2008


OMG...YOUR BACK!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how many times a day we say around here "I wonder where the heck Sheila's been?"

Thank you so much for showing up today...we were fixin' to start sending out the posse on ya!! :0)


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Anonymous said...

OMG...you are WAYYYY too funny, Kim!! I LOL when I saw the heading of this post!!!! I'm SOOOOO sorry I've been so lame. You don't know how many times I thought I'd stop by and then just didn't take the time. And now look at me, I've been by three times today, but "I'm hooked again"! :)

You know, this reminds me of SEVERAL years ago, when you put out an APB on Kody's CB site, and you had asked about me (seems like someone had left an odd sort of message and for some reason you were trying to track down "who dun it" and you still didn't know me very well and just wanted to throw out a question). Do you remember that??? I felt awful, b/c when I finally checked in about 2-3 weeks later I, just like today, went back through your posts and didn't realize you'd put that question in your post for me.

[Okay...I'm sorry for (another) LONG comment...] Now I have one question for Kody, though....did he REALLY mean it when he said he felt concerned for all of us "ladies" that had our heart broken by the fact that he doesn't need a girlfriend? And....did he REALLY mention my name, wondering where I've been the last upteen days? If so, I feel so very honored and (((LOVED)))!!! :o)

I'll try and resist coming by again later tonight!! ;)

Luv & Hugs,


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