Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lock Up Your Daughters Part Two

Kody discovered phones and he love em'.
He's not into "texting", he thinks it's a total waste of time when pressing speed dial is sooooo much quicker.
Kody, as we know, has also discovered girls. He's only 12 and I am like soooooo over it. :0/

Yesterday, McDreamy talked on the phone endlessly with the one girl that he has been sweet on for about three years now. She's the same one he has a date with and they talk everyday, while not so patiently waiting for the day she arrives back home from hanging with her grandparents all summer.

Imagine my surprise, as I was getting lunch on the table for three stravin' hellians, that he'd walk into the kitchen, phone on his ear, and say before he hung up "I love you".


What did he just say?

He's only 12...only 12 and won't be 13 till next month and he's still my baby and I used to be his #1. and...and, UGH!!!!
My little "Stinky Butt, Chubby Cheeks, Little Bear, Jollie Ollie, KoWee" is growing up, and I'm not liking it one little bit, I'm really not.

So..with that, here's a quick pic. of my baby.
Soon he'll turn into Kaysha, who lets me take her picture only 4 times a year, because having a photo taking Mom is sooooo not cool and taking your own self portraits with a small P&S, looking up with your arm in the picture, making pouty faces is.

Bear Bear..please stop growing up so fast, your killin' me!!

That was taken last Sunday when I took Kolin out for some pic's. Kody tagged along and held Kolin's change of shirts and hats. He held them, he dropped them, he threw them, he left them behind on the steps. Yeah.he was quite the helper. the very least..I got a quick, kickin' picture of him.

A quick word on the backgrounds..
The ones with the steps and the brick building are at an old school here in Leesburg, I believe the oldest school in these parts. It was built in 1915 and until recently was still being used for adults and for high schoolers who took night ed. classes.

The ones with the blue/green backs and all the wood are at the orange packing plant that is about a four minute drive from here. I love that building...really, I do. :0)

So..I guess with that, I'm saying...if any of your are getting into the whole photo taking thing. Look beyond parks and other photo op spots. Take a trip out of the box. Find places with texture. Find places that any other peep would consider not normal, ugly or just plain weird.
Find alleyways, buildings with chipped paint, bright color walls, or graffiti walls{which is something I'm still scoping out, not having any luck and are seriosuly thinking about making one of our own}.

Tomorrow I'll leave you all with a quick and simple tip on "what to wear". It's alot easier then you think. :0)

Have an awesome day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. CJ....did you get my e-mail last week?????
PPSS. CJ...I wouldn't put Ashley around Kody, nope..wouldn't do it!! :0)


momto2boys said...

"I love you"...oh my goodness, good luck to you and may there be enough chocolate and coffee to get you through these years :)

Anonymous said...

Kim, Thanks for prepping me for what's eventually going to happen in my household! While your baby is 5th in line (so you've already had experience) our oldest is about the same age as now (I think) I'm prepared to hear those three words come out of our son's mouth one of these days!! :o) As always, loved the newest pic!

Have a great day!


Kathy Fredrickson said...

Thanks for the laugh Kim! It reminded me of when I myself was 12years old, and said those same 3 words. Well, mom and dad overheard it, and made me invite the love of my life over to the house so that they could meet him. I. Was. Mortified. Well, he came over, got the speach from my dad, and let's just say that we fell out of love pretty fast after that. LOL!

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Your photos amaze me! If you play silly taggin games...come pick up your award at LMNOP.


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