Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monday Came..Monday Went...Blah

First things first...

The kids dentist visit went awesome this morning. Perfect teeth and not a cavity to be found.
Go kids and great dental hygiene!!

Wish I could say the same for yesterdays trip out to Orlando's Neurosurgeon. :0/

Everything was going OK..all things considered. We drove through one hellofa storm but we got there, and 10 minutes early, which is always cool.

But...2 minutes after we got there, they told us that Kody's appt. was switched to 10 AM that very same morning.
UGH...so, they changed his appt. time but forgot one very important thing...
To call us and let us know.

So, not only did we waste a half tank of gas, plenty of toll dollars and drive through that beast of a whiteout lightening/rain storm..we didn't get to see the Dr. because he had already left for the day.
As things turn out, we have to go back and do it all over again this coming up Monday morning.
Time for a quickie yard sale this weekend.

You know..it's not even so much that we had to fart away all that gas, but we are trying to "go green" around here and wasting a trip like that...well, that just isn't cool for the planet.

What is cool, though, are these...

At least with all the rain we've been getting lately, something around this home is going green. :0)
Seriously though..this is the 4th bunch of naners we've gotten so far this summer. In ten years of naner growing, we've never had that many.

It's a lazy kind of day for the hellians right now.
Kolin's allergies are kickin' his butt and Kody's got another headache...so, they're happily watching one of their favorite movies, "Happy Gilmore" and eating me out of house and home.
Thanks guys!

Tomorrow is Kody's appt. with the eye doctor.
His right eye, the eye he originally had trouble with right from the beginning of his brain tumor diagnoses, is now turning inwards.
We have no idea why and was hoping that yesterday would have brought some answers. :0(
He's already had surgery on that eye, goodness knows, he'd definitely not have to go through that again.

OK my friends...I'm off for now.

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim


Jenner said...

I'm sorry Monday was such a bummer. Hoping for a better day today for you. Hope the boys feel better soon. Love, Hugs & Prayers from WI, Jen

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sorry to hear about the wasted trip. Not much is more frustrating than that.



My DH and I were just commenting tonight on how the courtesy of phoning is becoming a lost art.

I waited all day to hear if they were able to get my pills in at the pharmacy (had dropped the prescription off yesterday) that they needed to have ordered in. Finally I phoned at 7 tonight only to be told they'd been there since 10 this morning.

Not quite as bad though as your long trek (in a storm no less).

Hope things go well for Kody at the eye doctors. I can't get over how much older he's looking (Kolin too!). And great news at the Dentist! Better to avoid those high bills for cavities and such!!! LOL

Regarding the bananas, do you mean you've been actually able to eat them?



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