Monday, July 7, 2008

Every Family Has One....

And ours is Kolin. :0)

So, I thought it would be great to have a "brothers" photo taken of Kolin and Kody.
They are the last two brothers left at home and it's a rare thing these days when I can get them both in a snap at the same time.
Typically, the scenario goes a little something like this..

Kolin is in the pool..Kody is sleeping.
Kody is on the phone...Kolin is playing Guitar Hero.
Kolin is raiding the fridge..Kody is in the pool.
Kody is eating me out of house and home...Kolin is climbing things.

It's a boys life and it never ends..believe me.

Last Friday I took advantage of them being outside, together, on route to the pool.
I caught them right as they walked out the door.
"FREEZE BOYS....OR I'LL SHOOT!!" is what they heard.

"Mom, your so lame", is what I heard back.

The brats.

So...I placed them next to each other and Kody, bless his heart, gave it his best try...Kolin, on the other hand...well, look for yourself... Kolin's prompting, caves in...

They won't stop and it appears torturous...

Maybe a change of location..yeah, that's it..a nice change of location...

Ummm, maybe not...

We're gettin' there...

OK, not bad...

Yeah....finally, one I can live with!!

And that, my friends, is just a handful of 20 outtakes from that day, all of them taken within, 10 joke.

This morning I had Kody up bright and early so he could get his Tb vaccine for the 7th grade.
After a long wait..we found out that he is up-to-date on his shots and that he received the Tb vaccine last December when he got his meningitis shot. The Tb is a part of that shot, who knew?

His pediatrician, right away, noticed that his right eye {our left, Kody's right} is more prominently turned inwards..which is something we found out last month at the neuro's visit.
We actually didn't even notice because it was so slight.
His ped. noticed it right away today.
So, she's getting us a referral to see an eye doctor right away.
Hopefully, I can get him into the same eye doc. I use for Kolin, which is local and a really nice place.

This afternoon, Kody has his appt. at Dr. Gegg, who is his neurosurgeon.
He'll finally be able to review all of Kody's past and present scans and hopefully give us some answers to our endless stream of questions.

Also, we need to know more about the one way shunt valve that Dr. Barr {neurologist} thinks would be in Kody's best interest.

Tomorrow morning, first thing, the kids have their every 6 months dental visit for cleaning, check up, sealants, whatever they need.

After that, I think we are pretty much doctor, or as I told Kody this morning, "maintenance free" until the 22nd when he goes back to neurology for the results of his EEG and, fingers crossed, an answer to what his voice is so bad.

***This Just In***

I just got off the phone with Kody's about fast!
She has already got Kody a referral and an appt. with an eye doctor, set for this Thursday afternoon, and, at the same eye doc's office that I take Kolin to, right here in Leesburg. :0)

I'm telling you all..Kody's doc's are the BEST!!

Welp, I better get going. I still have to pick Karl up from work, pack lunches, and be out the door very soon.

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. I have got to tell you all about some awesome news!!
Kody is going to be featured in a coffee table book called "The Gift", which is being created by a wonderful photographer from South Florida.
He will also have his own line of gretting cards.
I'll have to tell you more about it later on.
Please know though, that she is looking for more children with cancer, whether active cancer or in remission, in Florida, to feature in this book, which, all profits from it will go back to charity.
I've spoken to Miss Kelly and we are so excited to be a part of this. It's going to ROCK!!!

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Wow!! In a book with his own cards? Can't wait to find out how we can buy those!!

Hallie :)


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