Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kody's First Ever Blog Interview

Keeping It Real, Keeping It Clean {or trying to anyway}

M: Hey Bear!
K: Hey Mom!

M: How’s things going for you, baby?
K: Fine.

M: How’s your summer been?
K: Awesome.

M: So, tell us…what has been the best part of your summer so far?
K: Going to Camp Boggy Creek.

M: Really? What did you do there that was your favorite?
K: Stage day.

M: What’s that?
K: A talent show.

M: What did you do, what was your talent?
K: I sang “Scars” {Papa Roach} and the girls were next to the stage screaming “I Love You” to me.

M: Word has it your going to be featured in a book about kids that have or have had cancer, plus greeting cards too. That is so cool. What are your feelings about that?
K: Nervous because I’ve never been in a book before and I don’t know what people will think of me.

M: Everyone loves you, you know that…right?
K: Yeah, but just incase.

M: So, your going into the 7th grade next month. That’s a pretty big accomplishment. Are you excited to be going back to school?
K: Definitely!! You know why, right?

M: Of course..your cool teachers, math, science, reading and the awesome lunches?
K: Ahhh…no Mom, it’s the girls.

M: Oh Kody Jacob.
K: Oh Mom.

M: Speaking of accomplishments, you’ve met and exceeded so many goals that some peep’s think should have been impossible for a kid that’s had three brain surgeries.
What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?
K: Getting my first date, being alive, being able to walk and my black belt of course.

M: What goals do you have set for yourself for 2009?
K: Going on a second date, giving up seizures and earning my 2nd Don {next higher black belt rank}.

M: Let’s talk about some of your favorite things, OK?
K: OK.

M: What’s your favorite ice cream?
K: Reese’s.

M: Color?
K: Black.

M: Skateboard company?
K: Element.

M: Hair care products?
K: Got To Be

M: Parent?
K: Ummmmmm…

M: That was a trick question.
K: {laughs}

M: Food?
K: Salamander pie.

M: Ewwwwww.
K: No, just kidding. It’s soft shell tacos and cheese cake.

M: Car?
K: Lambo.

M: What’s that?
K: Lamborghini

M: Day of the week?
K: I’m going to have to say Saturday.

M: Video game?
K: Girls gone wild.

M: No!!
K: {laughing} Need 4 Speed Most Wanted.

M: TV show?
K: Viva La Bam

M: If you were a rock band, what instrument would you play?
K: I’d sing.

M: Do you love me?
K: That’s a hard question. Hmmm…yeah, of course!

M: Love me lots?
K: Of course.

M: I love you too baby. :0)

M: So, the world is sitting on the edge of their seats, they want to know…do you have a girlfriend?
K: Hells to the yeah.

M: You know you just broke a trillion hearts?
K: I know.

M: Do you care?
K: Yes.

M: Is there anything you’d like to say to the broken hearted girls?
K: You’ll always have a place in my heart.

M: Are you planning any dates in the near future?
K: Dude..you know that, YEAH!

M: Can I go?
K: No.

M: Can Kolin and Kaysha go?
K: No.

M: What about Daddy?
K: NO!!!!

M: Kody, you rock my world.
K: Thank you.

M: How did you get the nickname “Bear”?
K: Because I’m big, tall and ferocious.

M: It wouldn’t have anything to do with your “bear hugs” would it?
K: I guess it might.

M: Bear, is there anything you’d like to tell any kids out there who just found out they have a brain tumor?
K: Just keep swimming..Just keep swimming.

M: How about their parents?
K: Don’t bubble wrap your kids like my Mom tried to. That will make them mad.

M: You know you’re an inspiration to a lot of people?
K: Yes Ma’am.

M: What would you like to say to those people?
K: Thank you, I love you all. Thanks for thinking I’m an inspiration.

M: Your rockin’ a pretty cool “Mohawk” these days. What is your secret for keeping it spiked up all the time?
K: Got To Be Glued Spiking Gel in the yellow bottle, available at a Wal-Mart near you.

M: Can I take your picture?
K: {laughing, long silence} Yeah.

M: How about more then one?
K: {making faces} Yeah.

M: How about 20, maybe even 30?
K: {insert evil eye} yeah.

M: Well, that concludes our interview. Say good-bye Kody.
K: Good-Bye Kody. Can I go now?

M: For sure, Dude.
K: Thanks.

M: Hey Kody?
K: What Mom?

M: Say “Dude” one time for Mrs. Hallie, she loves that word.
K: Duuuuude.

M: You can go now. :0)
K: Thank you…Finally!


What interview wouldn't be complete without a mini shoot?
Here's Kody's 10 minutes shoot before the rain came and washed us out on Sunday. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love, Kim and Kody


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You couldn't resist could you Kim? There I was reading and thoroughly enjoying Kody's first interview and then BAM!!! You go and throw in a DUDE!!!

Just for that, I think Kody should have said DAD is his favorite parent!! (can you see my tongue sticking out at you?)

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

What a fun interview!! Salamander Pie sounds delicious!


I think your biggest problem will be keeping the girls away from him. Another year or two and you may find them camped outside your door!

Blondie ;)

Jaime T. said...

Great interview Kody!
I can't believe that when I started reading your CB site you were just a little bear, but now you have grown up so much!


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