Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Know I'm Supposed To Wait....

I know I'm supposed to hold out till Kody's interview is on the big screen...but I can't help myself. :0)

Here's one from today...


I just don't recall telling him to grow up overnight. :0(

We're off to see the neurosurgeon tomorrow morning.
As soon as I can pry my family peep's off the computer, I'll update.

Have a great night all!!

Love, Kim


OK, one more and that's it..really, don't make me stay up all night. LOL!!


PS. Hallie..I swear that kid is his Dad's clone, down to the veins on his arms. :0)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Damn Kim (sorry to swear) but damn Kim, that is one handsome GROWN up looking man!!


acutescrubnurse said...

Good Luck tomorrow at the Neurosurgeons office. Hope all goes well, and you get some answers. Kody looks great, he really did grow up overnight...I guess they all do. I was recently at a class reunion, and one of my friends asks me where my "little one" was....well my 6'1, 16yr old was standing right next to me!! And hes the only one I have!!
Take care, have a great week,

jbaj said...

My oldest son would KILL for that hairdo!!! He's on the Faux Mo now. Good looking young man!

Jenner said...

Dear Lord, Kody, why did you have to grow up so fast? That's one handsome young man you got there Kim! Not to mention, Kolin is following in his footsteps. And Kaysha, you are beautitul - I love your hair! Take care all! Love, Hugs & Prayers from WI, Jen


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