Thursday, January 31, 2008

That's 'a One Happy Baby

LOL.....she never cries, never fusses and when you make long winded, weird kissy sounds, this is what she does...

Yeppers...that's 'a one happy baby there. :0)

Feeling Mighty Fine Today

For Kody's all about the "Goofiness". Point a camera in his face and he goes wild I tell ya.
Ahhhh..what can you do? He's feeling way better then he's been this week and that's all that really matters. :0)

One final picture for right least Musa got him to be a little serious..and that's only because Musa escaped the yard while watching me take Kody's photo in the lot next to ours and Kody had just spent 10 minutes chasing him up and down the road. LOL!!

Today the boys finally go back to karate class...they have been majorly jonesin' to go since they've missed 5 days.

This weekend is Mardi Gras on Main St. in Leesburg, but I think we'll be skipping it this year...seems every year it just gets more and more costly. However..I'll only have two kids with me this year instead of three or four and we do have our $1.00 refill soda cups from last year so we'll see. Maybe a few hours out will do them some good.
I'm thinking photo ops...I'm thinking fun in the sun...I'm thinking maybe we should go...I'm thinking the ole' man is gonna kill me for even thinking about it. LOL!!

Welp, back to business for me...have a terrific day everyone!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling Much Better

What a difference one whole day of antibiotics and an inhaler {when he finally learned how to use the thing} makes...

He looks waaaayyyy better then yesterday.
And, his energy level is back, and I am tired..oh yeah, very...




I'll post some of Kody tomorrow. He's feeling better too, you can tell by his photos, I mean outakes...cross eyed, nose pickin, outakes. :0)

Have a great night all!

Love, Kim

Quietly Content

It's not often Kolin settles down long enough to contently play with anything.
I've often said about him that he doesn't sleep...he "recharges".
Yesterday though...he was miserable and fighting sleep and I found him quietly throwing his wrestling guys off the ropes and into the ring for a good old fashioned WWE beat down. :0)

Gotta love boys...they do have awesome imaginations.

Anywhos..looks like the "K" boyz are coming out the winners..
Their fevers have broke, they are eating like mad, they are back to playing video games and they even have been going outside for fresh air.
That said...they are going back to school tomorrow...YAY!!!
Oh..excuse me, was that coughing I hear coming from them? OK boys, as if I'm believing that one. LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Sheila..
Please tell me you have a Starbucks? Targets have you have Target? go and get yourself a "Strawberries and Cream Frappachino" and make sure they throw on lots of whipped cream.
It's not's a cross between a smoothie and a shake. TDF...that's for sure!!
And, ummm...have one for me too....cuz I love Starbucks but it's a drive and I have been stuck inside since Sunday with a couple of sicko {three if you include their Dad}...welp, except for two days worth of pediatrician appointments..oh joy! :0)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The "K" Brothers vs. Mista's Infections

On the left we have Kolin...standing at 4'11" and weighing in at 91 lbs.,. His opponent is Mista A. Serious Sinus Infection.
Sinus Infection's stats are as follows...
He ugly, he's nasty, and he likes to inflict painful, grossness in the ears, nose and throat, he also causes some serious headaches and sweaty/chillsville fevers.

Kolin's weapons of choice...
A 14 day regiman of Augmention, one Albuteral inhaler, squeezes of Nasonex and a one a day tablet of Claratin.
Kolin's seacret weapons are...
Cambell's chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side, Bubble Gum flavored Motrin, a box of Puffs tissues, lots of rest and a good old fashioned dose of TLC from Mom and Dad.

Kolin is known for his quick kicking feet. Able to splinter two thick boards at one time...Mista don't stand a chance!

On the right we have Kody, standing at 5'7" and weighing in at 121 lbs. of solid muscle.
His double tag teaming opponent's are Mista Broncitus and Mista Tonsilitis.

M.B.'s and M.T's stats are as follows..
Painful coughs, severely sore throats, fever, chills and killer body aches.

Kody's weapons of choice....
A 5 day supply of Z-Pack, 2 Tylenol Extra Strength every 4 hours and two squirts of Nasonex.

Kody's secret weapons...
Cambell's chicken noodle soup with a Blue Frost Gatorade on the side, Puffs tissues, a heat pad to the back, lots of naps, a good old fashioned dose of TLC from Mom and Dad.

Kody is known for his swift and painful elbow smashes. Able to smash through two boards at one time with one elbow and one loud "Key-Op"...
Mista's Broncitus and ARE the underdogs!

Go git' um boys!!!!!

Slumber City

Wouldn't life be perfect if we could all do this at around 1 o'clock every afternoon. :0)

Today I have the two boys so sick. Kody started Saturday night, Kolin when he came home from school yesterday.
Kody went to the doc's yesterdy and is on a 5 day "Z-Pack". Kolin see's the doc. at 2 o'clock this afternoon...same symptoms...fever, sore throat, headache, earache, backache, neckache, just plain miserable. :0(
Just keep swimming......

Welp, I best be hitting the ole' coffee pot again...I just heard Kayara's truck pull up which means Adriana's here and my day is about to get a little bit longer. ;0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS...Chocolate syrup...heck yeah, I am definetly trying that today!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Only Way I Can Make It Through Monday's...

My sinfully sweet, bazillion calorie, 8 trillion fat gram, secret addiction....

First I start out with this...

Then I add this...

Come on now, don't be shy...

That's much better...

Oh yeah your talkin'...

There, I admitted to it..I am sooo weak. :0(

Now go get yourself know you want to! :0)

Love, Kim

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Krazy Wedding Stuff...





But they are ours, and we love them.

Just leaving you tonight with more weddings pic's and outakes.
I seriously hope no one is offended by these, but people are unique and every wedding should be unique..I mean really, who wants cookie cutter weddings that you can look at pictures of in the future and know exactly what year they are taken...because that happened to be the "trend".
Not these two, that's for sure. :0) goes a few more..

About to exchange the vows they wrote to each other...

See that guy with the loonnnng hair? Yeppers, you guessed it, no haircut yet for that guy. Dude Man is looking mighty fine in all that black with the long hair....

Oops, sorry my bad, on with the wedding.

This is Kyle's friend, Nick who played guitar and kept us entertained all day...

The man who married them...

Kolin and two goofs...

This is like only a 1/4 of the food Karlio put out....

Kyle, Meghan and Nick..

Kolin, the "Rock Star" who also kept us entertained..

Garter time...

Oh my you all see Kody here? I did tell him NOT to get up for this part...

But he did anyway and guess who caught that dang garter? You guessed it, Bear did..

The balloon launch at the very end..

Good-Bye balloons...Good-Bye bachelorhood!

Because of my ongoing ADD and all, I realized that I skipped over alot of photos. I'll get those up tomorrow sometime.
So, you'll be seeing these in the most dingbat of orders...but eventaully, you'll see about all of them.

OK, I'm off to bed. It's been a long day.
Last night Kaysha stayed at Kayara's, we sent Kyle and Meghan to a hotel, Kolin stayed at a friends and we only had Kody Bear home.
So, we woke up bright and early and treated ourselves to a Denney's breakfast where Kody slammed an entire "Lumberjack Slam" like it was nothing and still ate what I left on mine.
Then an hour after we got home he ended up with a nasty ole' sore throat/fever which will probably land him at the Doc's tomorrow morning.

Looks like tomorrow's fixin' to be a long one too. :0)

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kyle James & Meghan's Gothic Wedding

You all didn't think I'd go to bed without at least a little something, did ya? :0)

Here are just some of the hundreds of photos taken today...

Till tomorrow..have a great night all!!

Love, Kim

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Lil' Cupcake

Hope your all not getting tired of her yet...but she's seriously the only one who can't run when she see's the camera...yet. LOL!!
However, she CAN pull her hat off in a heartbeat...soooo, in an attempt to get her to keep it on her noggin for a minute, I had to keep her hands busy and the only thing available was my lens cover.

Those cupcakes I made the other morning for Kayara's birthday were sooooo darn good and soooo darn gone!} that it inspired me yesterday to make that pink cupcake hat while she took a nap.
Yes..I know...I need to get a life. :0)

Kyle and Meghan's wedding is tomorrow and this house is BUSY!!
Last minute this and last minute that and Karl had volunteered to do ALL the cooking/catering himself. So, yep..I need to find a place to go today because he is gonna drive me insane.

I still have to get the boys shirts and ties, I have nothing to wear and neither does Karl. Talk about last minute but you all know I am a procrastinator anyway.

It'll all fall into place though, it usually does.

Thank you so much for all the well wishes yesterday. Losing a friend is never easy. Realizing you didn't spend enough time with that friend is even worse.
Knowing that her funeral is the same day as your son's wedding...SIGH...I wish I could just split myself in two for the day.
But I know Glanda and she would have went ballistic if I even thought of missing my kiddo's wedding day. Honestly, I can hear her saying "I've had a great life go celebrate your son and eat some cake for me".

Did you all know that Miss Glenda wrote Harlequin Romance Novels? She did.

Welp my friends..I better hit the coffee machine one more time and get myself motivated to get out in the world and do my runnin' around.

Have a wonderful day!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Two Faces That Make Me Smile

I didn't think it was possible today, but, as always..these two can always make me smile.
Gotta love them. <3


And Kolin...

These are the two "headshots" that are going on the "Black Belt Wall" at the boys' do-jang {martial arts school}.
Makes a Mom proud, really, really proud. :0)

Have a great night everyone.

Love, Kim

Good Bye Miss Glenda

I hardly know what to say, my heart is truly broken this morning.

Miss Glenda Sanders, my friend, my inspiration to write, my Kody Bear's only newspaper interviewer that we would allow to write about him.

She had the best sense of humor, loved Bear as much as I do, laughed when at the age of 6 1/2 he drenched her with a fire hose while she tried to take his photos, she was with us throughout Kody's journey from the very first week of his brain cancer diagnoses, she loved to write about Kody's happy times...not the gloomy ones.

She inspired me to start a journal, to write from the heart, she taught me the power of prayer, to never give up, to treasure each day.

Last May, while having lunch and interviewing me for an article about Kody, about our family, about his new "tic's", about his martial arts, she confided in me about her ovarian cancer.

She looked great, tired as she was going though her chemo treatments, but beautiful as always.

It never occured to me that she wouldn't make it...I always assumed she would beat her cancer.

Just moments ago, Karl found out that Miss Glenda passed away.
My heart is broken, the tears won't stop, I have lost a priceless friend.
Nobody ever will share Kody's story through the newspaper..that was her job. Nobody write like she did, nobody ever will.
But...for Miss Glenda, I will. I will write about every triumph that child gives us. I'll do it for her, for myself, for Kody and for you all.
Why? Becuase she loved to hear about her Kody's accomplishments. She cried when he had his downfalls.

If ever anyone followed a little advice from me, please do this...

Love your friends, embrace friendship, go out to lunch, have an ice cream cone, laugh, love, live.
Phone a long lost friend. Please trust me on this. You just never know. There isn't a second chance when it becomes too late.
Do it for me. Do it for Kody Bear. Do it mostly for Miss Glenda.

Kody came home with a horrible headache about 10:30 this morning. I can't tell him. Not today. He is going to be devestated.

I have to go now.....


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayara!

Happy Big 25 Girl!!!!!

I love you Mama...and I love your cupcakes too!

Love you!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vitamin C

The absolute very best thing about winter in Florida is...

1. We never have to worry about snow.
2. We never have to scrape ice.
3. We never have to look forward to no school snow days.
4. Ditto on cooped up, cabin fever no school snow day kids.
5. Our winterwear is very limited.
6. We don't own snow shovels, rock salt or ice scrapers.
7. Our cars don't rust.
8. The smell of citrus is everywhere.

Now, I've been through my days of number's 1 -7 and trust me...I don't ever wanna go back there.
Oh no...not ever.
True, we have hurricanes, tornados and alligators...but, you learn to live with them. Imagine waking up to 75 - 80 degree days in Feburary. I figure it's a small price to pay. :0)

My most favorite part doubt has got to be #8.
Ahhhh.....the sweet smell of oranges everywhere.
Now, I don't own any fruit trees except for my banana trees and they don't smell. My neighbors do have orange trees and you can be sure that everyday when you step outside, the smell of oranges is everywhere. Yummo!

Just yesterday as Kody and Kolin were taking Musa the puppy over to hang with his Mama for a few minutes, my neighbors {you remember them right..the hillbillies I mentioned at one time...greatest bunch of peeps, I tell ya}, they came home toting a armful of oranges each.
My hillbilly neighbors have the most beautiful orange tree's. They hardly use them though...they're hillbillys and if it doesn't come in a can labeled "Busch Lite", their not much interested.
So...they like to share the "Vitamin C" which works out real well for my orange lovin' kids and grandkids.

Sweet oranges, blue skies, what's better then that?

Breakfast of the champions....

Wishing you all a very sweet day!!

Love, Kim

Monday, January 21, 2008

Almost V-Day

Since Miss Adriana is being a firecracker today I probably have but one minute to update.
Sooooo, because V-Day is right around the corner and have a mentioned lately that I love Mr. Karlio soooo dang much?

The boys and I found this while we were taking a walk through the woods one day a couple of weeks ago... cute. :0)

SIGH...gotta run.

Love, Kim

PS. From My Heart To Your Head
has finally been updated.
Thank you so much for your patience.

Sunday, January 20, 2008



But in a cool kind of way, KWIM? ;0)

That photo soooooo makes me long for a macro lens..SIGH......

The tornados last night were supposed to come right straight through Leesburg, so we left the building and waited it out elsewhere.
Instead they went more South, somewhere's near the turnpike.
From what I understand...nobody was hurt anywhere.
Good ole' Lake County, dodged another one.

Today is freezing out..I mean downright blustery. HA...Shiela, I know your gonna give me grief about that but seriously girl...the NY blood has thinned badly.

I really wanted to take Kolin out for an hour or so, to spend some one on one time together, let him know without any interupptions how proud I am of him...but that sort of remains to be seen...right now, it's just too durn cold out.

Welp my friends...that's about it for now. I better go get those new hats up before I get involved with anything else. Though..the Food Channel has got "comfort foods" on all day and dang they are whipping up some stuff.

Oh...gotta go, Guys Big Bite is on...Love that man!!!! know darn well I love you too..alot, OK, really! :0)

Love, Kim

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Slotcar Saturday

Since I know his parents are Blogger "Lurkers"....

Happy Birthday Dustin a/k/a "Pooter"!!!!!

Thank you for inviting us to your "Slotcar Racing" 8th birthday party, Kody and Kolin had a blast!!!!!!!!

Now...get back on over our home quick and pick up that Musa puppy...the lil' "Nippin'/Barkin'/Whinin' Machine" is yours, consider it another b-day gift. :0)

Till tomorrow...have a great night everyone!!
We are under a tornado watch until 10 PM. Yuck.


Friday, January 18, 2008


They come in all shapes, all sizes , all kinds of everything.

These two come in..

Krazy Silly...


A Little on the loving side..

And even the dawg thinks he's a "Brudder" too....

Boys will be boys and boy dogs like to slobber grossness on their "brudder's"...

Which makes boys Mom's slatherall her boys in anti-bacterial soap and Purell.

You dang dawg, you...

Why do you have to be so gosh darn cute...sometimes. :0)



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