Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!!

I promise this will be continued in a more proper a/k/a photo filled way tomorrow.

I've been meaning to update all day but didn't...OK, now come on, jow many of you were thinking..
"That must be one hell of a hangover she's got today".

Welp, I am happy and really relieved to say, I don't have a hangover...so nah nah nah nah nah to you for thinking that. :0)

Anywhos, my day went a lil' something like this..

Woke up with two boys in my bed, one with his gross naked feet in my face and one with his gassy butt pointing straight up in the air, both drooling.
Why were they there you may ask?
Oh..thank you for asking, let me tell you why.

Because try as I might I couldn't sleep with the two boys in the next room trying to watch TV and stay up till midnight, while I, not very blissfully, pulled the blankets over my head and hoped they would just fall asleep.

But no..no way, no how and so about 11:30 I said to them, "Oh just get your butts in my bed and we'll stay up together"

So, they did and we rocked to Dick Clark {bless his heart}, Ryan Seacrest and my personal facorite..Carrie Underwood, until finally 2008 hit us and then the hillbilly's and rednecks all over Leesburg started throwing off fireworks and shooting their shotguns like we were in some kind of colorful, drunk crazed war over a glass ball falling from the sky.

I told the boys "keep your heads low and go to sleep", which may sound kind of crazy but I thought it was pretty good maternal advice...and besides, I was tired and I couldn't think straight and bullets, you know...what goes up must come down.

OK...so today the two boys and I had this great idea for New Years pictures but that never happened because...

One....I had to put all the Christmas stuff away and pack a 50 pound tree into a 10 pound box which gets tricker every year and also requires alot more duct tape every year too.

Two...I had a kick butt lasagna to make and darn if nothing else mattered. Karlio and I have been dreaming of lasagna and dang it, we were having it even if it meant spending most of my day slaving away in the kitchen.
Which, BTW, I did and it was so weird, because I am soooo non-domestic and the kitchen has alot of strange things in there, half of which I don't even know the name of.
Try as I might, new things scare me and that new "Seen Only On TV Chop-a-Matic" of Karl's made me quiver...I just couldn't bring myself to stick an innocent onion in there.

So round 2 o'clock or so things start slowing down, kids are happy shooting BB's into paper cups in the back yard, lasagnas made and ready for the oven, Karl and Kyle James reconstruct a new driveway fence using an old dog kennel gate door thing when out of the blue, Kayara calls...

She is on her way to the ER because she got bit by a spider and it is not looking good.
So, they drop off Adriana to us and don't you just know it..sure enough, they think she was bit by a brown recluse which is very, very dangerous.
She is now sporting a 3 inch hole in her leg were the bite happened and ate away at her skin that fast. The Doctor at the ER had to cut the bite open, cleans out and put her on strong antibiontics.
It's ugly....very gross and painful..OMG, I can't even tell you.

In the meanwhile...Karl, working outside almost gets bit by a black widow spider.
Then, he and Kyle James capture it and put it in a baggie to show me.
OK, I could have passed out right then and there.

Love snakes...hate spiders.

So...the baby just left a little while ago and I figured the only right thing to do would be to...

Finish cleaning the kitchen...nooooooo.
Set up the coffee machine for the morning....nooooooo.
Knit something.......nooooooooo.
Go to bed.....noooooooo.
Jump on the computer and update....BINGO!!!!!

Tomorrow we'll get part two of New Years done because right now I have to...

Finish the kitchen.
Set up the coffee machine.
Knit something.
Go to bed.

Good night everyone!!!

Love, Kim


Kristine said...

Oh my! I hope all is OK. I agree Kim, I hate spiders! Ewwww!

Wishing your family a very wonderful and full of photo props 2008 :)


Anonymous said...

Good morning, K-Klan! (I know...here I am, days behind again!)

Glad to hear you enjoyed your New Year's EVE but New Year's Day with two spider stories was creepy! Kim, that Brown Recluse bite sounds horrible. Not that I wish it upon anyone, but thank goodness Alona or Adriana didn't get that bite instead. :( Hope things are better at the wound site.

Now for the big question...did you take a picture of the Black Widow? Or did Karl & Kyle just do the 'humane thing' and let it go??!



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