Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Two Brother With Different Personalities

They both love the same things....mostly.
They kind of look alike...sort of.
They both eat alot....definetley.

But, as you can see by this photo taken only minutes ago...they come with two very different personalites.

I can only compare them to Adam and Jamie from "Mythbusters"
Fearless when it comes to doing stunts of any me on that one..I am their Mom and I have gray hair, no more needs to be said.
One of those two is just a bit more serious then the other though and I guess I don't even have to say which one is which.

Gotta love them both though. Serious, silly or just plain seriously silly. :0)

Oh...and yes..that is winter wear they are wearing. We are freezing our Sunshiney State hinies off today.

I haven't forgotten the New Years update...we'll get to it, just as soon as Adam and Jamie put down the BB guns.
More pic's a little later on.

Have a really wonderful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

1 comment:

Jen from WI said...

Love the new pup, and new pics! Happy New Year!
Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen


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