Friday, January 4, 2008

Hi...It's Me!!

Checking in very late because it was a long day.

Kody had an appt. in Gainesville and welp, the day juist got away.

Anywhos..I will update in the's a hint of how

A. An hour and a half of my day went.

B. What it's like to have me as a passenger.

C. Obvious signs I have no life.

D. Why I need to learn how to play Gameboy.

See you all tomorrow!!

Love, Kim

PS. Tomorrow's update will be all about that picture..taken at 75 mph, on the interstate.
I wasn't driving...I promise. :0)


seandoherty said...

Kim I hope you did not let Kody drive! Always in my thoughts and prayers!

Lanette said...

Oh that is so strange! I was just at a benefit for a young man who passed away recently. I t was held at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. While there, I met a man by the name of the last commenter...Sean Doherty...then this morning, the article about the benefit was in the paper and there was Sean's picture..then I come on here and see that a person by the same name posted a comment. I am SURE it is a different person..I am in PA...but that is just so weird. Hey Sean, were you at Barnes and Noble for Kyle's benefit by any chance??? It would TRULY be a small world if you were! happy to hear that Kody is growing like a weed! :-) Loooved the billboard post..I laughed and luaghed!

SeanDoherty said...

Lanette, I am from New Jersey but it was not me. If you are Dakota's mom I would have instantly recognized you. If you are Dakota's mom please give me your email. Oh and Lanette, I dont think that Sean Doherty would have been as handsome of good looking as myself. LOL!!!!! phhhttttttt. :o)

Sean Doherty said...

The Lanette I was thinking of is from South Carolina. She had a son named Dakota. I thought she may have been from Pennsylvania but I went looking and saw that it was South Carolina. Wrong Lanette. :o)
Always keeping the Bear and his family in my prayers Kim. Have a great day everyone.

Lanette said...

Hey Sean..I posted a comment..or two.. on your blog so we don't clog up Kim's comment section! :-) Thinking of Kody as always!


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