Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It sure is the pits...

Gotta run, the teething Queen is due here any minute. :0)

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Just read your last few entries and wanted you to know that I will keep all those close to you in my thoughts. Losing a baby is never easy and I pray that they hold tight to each other as they work through their sadness.

ANd for your friend...I can imagine no worse pain. I hope she will someday find peace in knowing that he had obviously found his "niche" in the Army was becoming a wonderful young man. I can't imagine, know having CJ in the Air Force, getting the news that she got about her child. I will pray for her and her entire family.

The "teether" is still adorable, even if she is uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

Awww.....that 'lil sweetie!!

With each tooth my poor baby boy got came a fever and an ear infection.

But he could still break through in an incredible, heart melting smile.

Hope she gets to do the same smiling!!!

Lauren said...

lol... my friend aggie's baby is teething too. only she started teething a while ago (she's a little older) and just now acting like she's teething.
she's 16 months old and we say to her "izzy, stop acting like you're 2!"

Anonymous said...

What a cutie-pie!!! :o)



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