Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vitamin C

The absolute very best thing about winter in Florida is...

1. We never have to worry about snow.
2. We never have to scrape ice.
3. We never have to look forward to no school snow days.
4. Ditto on cooped up, cabin fever no school snow day kids.
5. Our winterwear is very limited.
6. We don't own snow shovels, rock salt or ice scrapers.
7. Our cars don't rust.
8. The smell of citrus is everywhere.

Now, I've been through my days of number's 1 -7 and trust me...I don't ever wanna go back there.
Oh no...not ever.
True, we have hurricanes, tornados and alligators...but, you learn to live with them. Imagine waking up to 75 - 80 degree days in Feburary. I figure it's a small price to pay. :0)

My most favorite part though...no doubt has got to be #8.
Ahhhh.....the sweet smell of oranges everywhere.
Now, I don't own any fruit trees except for my banana trees and they don't smell. My neighbors do have orange trees and you can be sure that everyday when you step outside, the smell of oranges is everywhere. Yummo!

Just yesterday as Kody and Kolin were taking Musa the puppy over to hang with his Mama for a few minutes, my neighbors {you remember them right..the hillbillies I mentioned at one time...greatest bunch of peeps, I tell ya}, they came home toting a armful of oranges each.
My hillbilly neighbors have the most beautiful orange tree's. They hardly use them though...they're hillbillys and if it doesn't come in a can labeled "Busch Lite", their not much interested.
So...they like to share the "Vitamin C" which works out real well for my orange lovin' kids and grandkids.

Sweet oranges, blue skies, what's better then that?

Breakfast of the champions....

Wishing you all a very sweet day!!

Love, Kim


rocketbear said...

Oh, yummy!! Made me lick my computer screen. Thankfully, my kids already know Mama is cracked!! ROFL

Anonymous said...

OK well that's just not very nice - my computer says it's 12 out right now here in Missouri at 12:30 in the afternoon!!!!
Hope your enjoying your nice warm, sunny day in Florida(yes I am sticking my tongue out at you at this point)
I would think there's nothing better that a fresh picked orange off of your own tree. Someday maybe I will just have to come back to Florida and visit your hillbilly's tree :) Think they would trade some Busch Light for a bucket of oranges
Trying to keep warm here is Missouri,

Anonymous said...

Kim I gotta tell you after living in Southern Florida for 3 1/2 years I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I love, love, love the seasons, the hot, humid summers and the cool breeze in the fall, and yes the snow we get infrequently is a reason to rejoice and then my favorite time of year when the trees are starting to sprout and the flowers are peeking out of the ground and the birds chirp louder - see what you are missing?????????? lol


Jen from WI said...

Mmmmm... looks delicious! Only 12 degrees here in WI. A few more colder days to come. Lots of snow though!

Lottie said...

Delish! Way to make a girl jealous... I'll swap you some glorious sun for some miserable rain? No? Can't think why not!

Lauren said...

lol... my hillbilly neighbors (yup we have them in ct too) bring over boxes of tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer :)

by the way, i started a new blog. i'm still updating the hartford county one constantly as my regular blog, but i started one for something very specific that i will be doing soon that i have a feeling i will want a record of someday.
i think you can find it in my profile (waiting for my real life to begin)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Hurricanes, no biggie!!!!
lol!!! oH wait, I of all people should NOT be saying that. My oldest, Josh has a touch of the flu so he's staying home tomorrow. A freshly cut orange might be just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for getting us in the mood for citrus.
take care,

Jaime in CT said...

Ohhhh, I would love to smell oranges everytime I go outside! Here, when you go outside it just smells like... cold air I guess!
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Oh the picture of the freshly cut oranges look so good!

I would love to walk outside and smell oranges :)


Anonymous said...

rub it in! its suppose to get to
-10 with windchills in the -20's and we just got done shoveling
13in of snow! I would love to live in a warmer state!! Here in southern wisconsin good ol dairy air is what i smell, oranges sure sound better then *#it. lol

Anonymous said...

Ya know...you are REALLY starting to rub it in about that FL weather, aren't ya?! :) BUT...the good news for us is that we received a box of grapefruit and tangelos from HARVEY'S in Florida as a Christmas gift and we got it a couple weeks ago. HOW SICK IS THAT?? ("Sick" is just in case Kody is reading, HAHA!)

Thanks for sharing the great pics!! Makes me wanna come visit! Oh -- and your list of reasons for NOT living up here made me crack up!

~NY~, USA!!!


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