Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quietly Content

It's not often Kolin settles down long enough to contently play with anything.
I've often said about him that he doesn't sleep...he "recharges".
Yesterday though...he was miserable and fighting sleep and I found him quietly throwing his wrestling guys off the ropes and into the ring for a good old fashioned WWE beat down. :0)

Gotta love boys...they do have awesome imaginations.

Anywhos..looks like the "K" boyz are coming out the winners..
Their fevers have broke, they are eating like mad, they are back to playing video games and they even have been going outside for fresh air.
That said...they are going back to school tomorrow...YAY!!!
Oh..excuse me, was that coughing I hear coming from them? OK boys, as if I'm believing that one. LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Sheila..
Please tell me you have a Starbucks? Targets have you have Target? go and get yourself a "Strawberries and Cream Frappachino" and make sure they throw on lots of whipped cream.
It's not's a cross between a smoothie and a shake. TDF...that's for sure!!
And, ummm...have one for me too....cuz I love Starbucks but it's a drive and I have been stuck inside since Sunday with a couple of sicko {three if you include their Dad}...welp, except for two days worth of pediatrician appointments..oh joy! :0)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Kody & Kolin!! I'm glad to hear you're both feeling better!! I knew you'd kick those Mista's behinds!!! (BTW, funny story, Kim!!) I'll bet you're both "very" excited to head back to school tomorrow... :o)

And...I can't wait to "head to the city" and visit a Starbucks!! I've only been to a drive through Starbucks to buy a gift card for my M-I-L. Always figured coffee was NOT my thing so "why go in" but, OMG, that Strawberry & Cream Frappachino sounds mau-ve-lous!! (And, no we don't have a Starbucks or Target nearby, but it definitely sounds worth the 25-30 minute drive!!) We're going to be near one on Saturday...I'll treat myself since my b-day's this weekend!!! (And if I "have to" have one for you, Kim, I'll be glad hips probably won't like it, but doggone this sounds yummy!! Thanks for the tip!!!)

Have a good night!



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