Saturday, January 5, 2008

Give Me A Sign

As you all know by now, yesterday was spent traveling to Gainesville again.
Gainesville is about an hour and 15 minute ride each way and the Interstate has pretty much nothing to look at except...


Seeing as I am entertained by the most simplest of things, billboards and restaurant signs are becoming my addiction on these long trips.
So, today I'd like to share with you some of the reasons why, Karl, my husband, my driver, my main man, my partner in dorksville, stays up nights pondering why in the world he ever married someone with so few brain cells in the first place.

Truth be told though...he was getting into this whole, roll down the window quick and snap a picture thing too, don't let him kid ya.
Keep in mind though..some of these are the best quality. As much as I tried to roll down the window fast, alot of these were taken from the windshield, the side window and when I was way too slow...the back window, which I am sure made other travelers that day think I was some kind of whacked out papparazzi contortionist super hero blonde headed airhead.
And, we were averaging 75 mph and it was reeeeeeeaaaaaallll windy, and the sun was shining in my face and I forgot to take the McDonald's cheeseburger wrapper off the dashboard.
My bad. on with the signs...

"It's never too late to quit you know"

"But Honey, they've got such great boobies...I mean food!"

"Something tells me that's not a good place to leave them"

"Oh right, in the sky...that's where there supposed to go...DOH!!"

"Painless roadside vasectomy's..what will they think of next?"

"Come on, admit know you want to be here"

"Ocala..the town that does not play well with others"

"Hello..Can you hear me now?"

"Where dogs and cats go to refuel"

"Very good advice"

"Just another reason to pack up the family and move out of Florida"

"Let me out at that exit"

"I believe if you've made it this far, your doing great....proceed..."

"Only in Florida you'll find alligators riding Harley's"

"Got milk?"

"Why only wash behind the truck, can't you do the whole dang thing"?

"The #1 reason why the entire state of Florida smells like orange juice"

Hand what? Get your mind out the gutter!!"

"Two more friendly reminders to get that roadside vasectomy goin''"

"Where truckers go to party"

"Nothing screams your in the South more then this"

"Obviously a cousin of Tony Soprano"

"Try to say that 5 times fast"

"Sunny's family have got to be so proud of their little superstar"

"You hear that Frank?"

"Tastes like chicken, chews like steak"

"Sounds like there's alot of lovin' going on at Bill Bryan's"

"Redneck foreplay"

"Sit down, shutup and eat your damn ice cream..then get the hell out of my restaurant"

"Never, ever mess with Mama's parking spot"

"Thank goodness...we're almost home"

"Thank you for joining us on our ride back from Gaineville, we're home now so gotta go!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Love, Kim


christie said...

you captured some great signs ... look at the color/clarity of those pics!!! Share your secret Kim...always love checkin out your blog for all the cool stuff and of course Kody and kiddo updates .. as always your close in thought & prayer.

Melissa said...

Oh, I think I recognized one of the signs as a billboard advertising the Cafe Risque in Micanopy! We used to see them on I-75 going to Lake City and they cracked us up. My sister in law and I once pulled in there and made my brother go in and buy us t-shirts!

Cheyenne said...

That was fun. Thanks for the tour.

ErIn said...

I think I've seen just about everyone one of those signs a time or 2!

Jeri from Hawaii said...

That was such fun - I so enjoyed the captions (you are a hoot!) and the pictures. Great news about Kody.

Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
I am so happy to hear the good news about Kody's appointment. That's awesome! Love, blessings, and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a great post!! Now, my question is...did you click FIRST and then think it would be a great sign to have in your collection? I just can't imagine, at 75 mph, that I would have:

1) the time to read the sign,
2) the time to "digest" what I read,
3) the time to think it was comical in some way,

and THEN snap the picture!! As always, you're too much!! Great pics and you made me LOL more than once. I think I especially loved the fruit truck. Makes me wanna come down for a visit!! :)



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