Monday, January 21, 2008

Almost V-Day

Since Miss Adriana is being a firecracker today I probably have but one minute to update.
Sooooo, because V-Day is right around the corner and have a mentioned lately that I love Mr. Karlio soooo dang much?

The boys and I found this while we were taking a walk through the woods one day a couple of weeks ago... cute. :0)

SIGH...gotta run.

Love, Kim

PS. From My Heart To Your Head
has finally been updated.
Thank you so much for your patience.


rocketbear said...

Beautiful, Kim! Great spotting and making an awesome photograph from it.

Lauren said...

that is cute :)

Anonymous said...

Great heart on that tree!!! You guys are very observant! :) I am not sure if my comment from your spider post made it. I don't see it -- I was having pc troubles that day, so am thinking it didn't make it through. :(



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