Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"K" Names, How Do You Say Them Anyway?

Thank you so much for asking.
I know there not the easiest of names but when I tell you how to say them I am sure you'll have that "DOH" moment...most folks do. :0)

OK..let's start with the first names and I'll end with that one gynormous last name.

Karyelle...pronouce it like this...

Car-long E-L

Karyelle was named for her Dad, Karl. She was the first girl born into his family in 175 years.
So the "Kar" part is kind of like a "Karl" thing.
Her middle name is Ann...that she get's from me and my Mom.


Pronounced like this..

Kay-R-short A

She isn't named after anyone at all.. I dreamt one night while preggers that I was having a girl {back then there were no routine ultrasounds to tell you the babies sex} and that's what I named her in my dream. For once in my life I wrote it down because I would have never remembered.
Her middle name is Rose, after Karl's Mom.

She's also been called "The Mouth of the South" because she never shuts up.

Kyle James..

I wanted his name to be Damian...I wanted that name soooo bad.
Karl wanted him to be called Wolfgang.
We couldn't agree...there was no way, we butted heads up till the minute he was born.
Then Karl had a genius moment...
We should give him a "K" name too because he was going to be our last and we wouldn't want him to feel left out so Karl picked out the name Kyle..something about a race car driver.

I gave him the middle name James after my younger brother who passed away at the age of six from complications of a tragic delivery.

Up until a couple of years ago we always called him Kyle.
Then one day he asked to be called Kyle James because he really liked the way it sounded..and so it stuck.

Truth be told though....he's always wished that we would have called him Damian Wolfgang because he thinks that's about the most awesome name ever.



Kay-Sha just like it's spelled.

Kaysha is a name that just sort of popped up in my blonde head one beautiful spring day right before she was born...just incase she turned out to be a girl, even though the ultrasound said she was a boy. But, that's another story for another day...I can tell you honestly that she was the only girl on the block with a blue Mickey Mouse theme to her room.

Her middle name is Nicole.
Not named after anyone...just a name I loved but since she was going to be the last, we gave her a "K" name also...not wanting her to feel left out or anything.

BTW..had she have been a boy like we were told...I wanted the name Kamryn or Konner, Karl insisted on Wolfgang.


Pronunciation not needed....we were running out of "K" names that we could agree on and so we borrowed a "C" name...Cody.
Naturally we had to put a "K" in front of of it..we didn't want him to feel left out, seeing as he was going to be our last and all.

Truth be told, Karyelle picked out the name Kody as soon as we found out by...UGH...whats the name of that test they do with the needle in the belly for us "older Mom's"?
Anywhos..since that was 100% reliable we knew he'd be a boy so no girl names were picked.
At first I said "No" on account of the whole Kathie Lee Gifford/Cody thing but then after a couple of months it just kind of stuck.
So..that's how Kody became Kody.
His middle name is Jacob..after my grandfather and also because I just love that name to pieces.

Not long after we brought him home from the hospital...he became Kody Bear.
When he learned how to walk and climb he became "Kody Get Down Off Of There"
When he started Kindergarten and his teacher asked him to say his whole name and he said "Kody Get Down Off Of There" that's when we knew it was time to go back to Kody Bear.

BTW..Karl really wanted to name him Wolfgang.


Pronounce it like this..

His name is not a body part...his name rymthes with "Pollen" which just so happens to be something he is very allergic too.

Kolin's middle name is Ross. Not after the store but instead the middle name of my Dad who died when I was three. I don't remember him at all.

We had that same needle test with Kolin { that it?} and knew he'd be a boy.
We also knew..we were tired, if I didn't get a blue eyed baby this time I'd go crazy, we were running out of names, we couldn't remember their names half the time anyway, it was getting close and this kid needed a name.

Karl picked "Kwits"..that's Quit's" with a "K".
I was so beyond fatigued, I almost agreed.
Then he suggested, need I say...

A couple of weeks before Kolin came rushing into our lives, Karl was in the shower and I was drinking coffee watching a TV show about a man named "Colin Powell".
I was so impressed by this man that I said to myself "Colin with a it"
I walked in on his shower...suggested the name to Karl, he loved it too and BAM, that's how Kolin became Kolin and thankfully he was a blonde headed, blue/green eyed beauty and YES, I could finally stop....WHEW!!!
Plus...moving to Florida and never having the cable go out due to winter storms and having a hysterectomy helped alot too.

Alona's name is often misspronounced.
Her name is short A-lon {short o}-short a.
Her name doesn't sound like this..

Alona's middle name is Jane...after Karl's gramma.


Pronounced Adri-on-a

She was named after the girl on the Soprano's.
Her middle name is Destiny...after nobody, just because Kayara liked it and she wanted Adri to have the same initails of her Daddy, Arthur.

OK..on to that last name that stops people in their tracks.
The name that when we are called and I hear silence..I know they want me, or one of us anyway.


Pronounced either two ways..I never could find out which way is right but here's how I say it ayway..

Krupp {like the coffee machine company}

Some of our kids say it like that and some say..


Like Redenbacher..the popcorn guy.

Either way works.

As you can imagine I have heard that name butchered through the years, anything you can think of...we've heard.

However, my favorite so far has to be the one I heard on one of those automated phone computer message things and it went a little something like this..

Kim Krupp-En-BITCH-Er

I loved it so much I kept pressing the repeat message number so everyone could hear it.
Simple things really do amuse me.

Truth be told, I loved it because when you get to be 40 something, and you start hot flashing and having those menapausal moments like I do, nothing, so I hear, can be closer to the truth.

Which is why..

This sign I posted the other day, actually belongs to me.

Never, ever mess with Mama's parking spot. :0)



Heidi said...

Thank you!

I was surprised that I was pronouncing them mostly right! I love reading the origin of all the names too.

Have a great day!

Trueda said...


I loved all the info about the names. I can so relate to that pause you hear when they come to your last name, only in my case it is my first name that causes the problems. Whenever I go for an appointment someplace new, I know it is me they want when they come out the door and just stare at the file in their hands! My name is actually just like it is spelled, but somehow just confuses the heck out of people.

Trueda (true-duh)

Just Lori said...

Oh you are so funny Kim!!!
My son just ran behind me and asked how Kody was doing. I'm on your blog so much he can recognize it when he's running past me. (Do boys do anything but run?)
Love the name game. I got most of them right too.


Lauren said...

wow i was saying them all right :)

and i have a hard to say last name too... moynihan.

we get so many calls from people trying to sell us something...

"is the the moy-nee-am residence?"
"is mr or mrs mon-a-han there?"


(for the record it's "moy-na-han")

katy said...

I'm glad you did this post...I get an idea in my head of how to pronounce names and its nice to see how close I am. I was pretty close on them all.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Kim! I loved the update, for the meanings, and everything, but I was LOL three different times! Good thing I had no customers at the time, and I'm surprised my kids didn't come asking what the heck I was chuckling about!! The funniest? How Karl kept wanting Wolfgang, how you kept having that "last baby", how "winter storms that knock out the cable" helped, and how that pre-recorded message majorly mispronounced your name!!! THAT was the funniest! And, of course, finding out that particular parking sign belongs to you!!!! :o)

Thanks for the great update! I was mispronouncing a couple of them. more that made me LOL. My hubby and I devised a list of boy and girl names with each child. Our first born we were pretty much in agreement with EXCEPT for his choice of Colin for a boy. My concern? He'd be teased later in life and called a certain body part!!! :o) [Now, sadly, my brother is fighting COLIN CANCER so how weird is that?!)

And, finally a note to another K-Klan visitor, Lauren (even though I shouldn't be corresponding this way!): I definitely knew how to pronounce your last name! I'm from Upstate New York where Patrick Moynihan was an elected official. So, there's one person out in cyberworld that acutally knew how to say it!! :)

Thanks, again, for the great update, Kim!


Anonymous said...

P.S. Just remembered something else. :)

Since I don't drink coffee, is "Krupp" (like the coffee maker) pronounced with a long or short u? Sorry...I just don't feel complete w/o finding that out!! :)

P.P.S. Sure was sad news this morning about the accidents in Lakeland. Our family has traveled that route. :(



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