Monday, December 31, 2007

Forgotten Pictures

Am I the only one who loves to look through old photo folders and find some that I totally forgot about?
Makes me just fall in love with this last of that litter kid of mine all over again. :0)

The he comes bounding out of his room at 7 AM, non-stop talking, ravenishly starving, making more noise then a jet plane landing on the roof and he makes me want to lock him out of the house indefinetly.
But, I love him anyway...I really do. :0)

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!

Love, Kim

Sunday, December 30, 2007

He's Not Just A Puppy, He's A Prop

Getting back to a few days ago when my bratmiester kids brought home a roley, poley, fat, short legged, big footed, chewing machine with a soft, warm nose and a waggy tail I stood firm...

"No you guys, way, no more animals, no...did you hear me, I said NO"

Then Kaysha said and I quote...

"But Mom, think of what a cute prop he'd be"

Karl laughed, and it was over..flat out, done, stick a fork in me, I am finished...done.

So, that's pretty much how this pain in my butt, I'm trying not to fall too in love with him, hound dog came into my life.

He's half rottie and half black lab. Both his parents are the most gentlest dogs on Earth...however they are garbage can contents eaters and I hope that trait didn't get passed along to their son.

He has a name named by Kody who picked his first name, Musa {Moo-Sa}{which is Korean for Warrior} and his middle name was picked by Kolin and that's Jet Lee...Kolin and Kody's favorite martial artist.

So...stick a fork in me one more time...introducing my newest prop...

Musa Jet Lee....

My leaving shoes on the floor life is now officially over.
Starbucks...take me away. :0)

Have a beautiful day today everyone!!

Love, Kim

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Two Warm Hats For Two Beautiful Cancer Kiddo's

Miss Lanette has chosen sweet Miss Sydney.
I'd love to post a link to her Caring Bridge website but I'll have to get permission before I do. She is a super cutie though. :0)

Miss Jennifer...
I believe handsome Mr. Logan needs a warm hat too, e-mail me Hun. :0)

Seeing these hats donated has lifted my spirits bigtime.
I wish I could stitch a hat for every child fighting cancer, sadly there are more children then hours in my day.
I will though, run this hat contest again because you all have no idea how much this has done for me spiritually.

I better run, I've got hats to make.

Puppy pic's, puppy name, puppy stats and all that warm nose puppy stuff coming tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone.

Love, Kim

Two Wonderful Hat Winners=Two Donated Mountain Hats

A couple days back I posted a suprise contest and picked two winners to win two "Mountain Hats" of their choice.

I am so happy to tell you all that both of my beautiful winners, Miss Deb from Texas and Miss Tanya from Delaware, have offered back their hats to donate to two cancer families. :0)
How awesome if that?

So...this is the deal.

The first two families to type out a quick message in the "comments" section of this post will be picked. Then please, throw me an email at: so that I can meet you and get working on those hats for you. You pick your favorite color and size/age.

Also, you must be a cancer child's family as the hats were asked to be sent to the child, any age up to teen.

That's it. :0)

More puppy news coming up later...this Mama is being called to make some breakfast.

Oh...before I forget..I was getting bored with the blog so I tried something new. Is it a keeper? I'll be changing the header every so once in a while too..just to keep things intersting.

Lisa...that puppy poem is too cute, especailly the "stepping around poo" part which was the whole main reason I swore I wasn't going to get a dog....especially one that will be huge and has the potential to drop cannonballs. LOL!!

Be back later!!

Love, Kim

Friday, December 28, 2007

Soft As A Grape

Two days ago we watched Alona all day.
Five years old don't nap...why didn't anyone remind me of this?

We played barbies, baby dolls, fort climbing, running around the house, coloring, we played school, Supernanny {Kody always has to be the rotten kid}, on-line compter games, and dress up, we did it all..and we did it over, and over and over.
I needed a did Kaysha, heck even the boys were getting wore out.

Five year olds have alot of energy and they love to jump on backs and get carried around...

Around 2 o'clock or so I had this great idea and I asked Kaysha to please, give me a quick 15 minute break, take the kids to see the neighbors new puppies.
Kids love puppies, puppies love kids and my hillbilly neighbors let the kids run freely throughout there yard to do whatever they please.
Hillbilly neighbors are very cool that way.

Whatever they did though, they were NOT to bring any of those critters home.
Did I say "To not to"
I believe I did.

They didn't listen, those brat kids of mine.

Why are they so darn cute {not the kids}?

And will someone please tell me why this one pup just had to fall head over paws in love with my Bear?

And why was this feeling of BFFL's mutual?

And will someone please, please tell me why this small dog with the huge feet has a name and lives with us now?

I'll tell you why, because in the exact words of my wonderful but extremely smart ass husband who watched the whole senerio go down, start to finish said..

"Kim, your as soft as a grape"

That's why.

Hillbilly neighbor..I owe you one Dude.

Have a great day today everyone!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Have Two Winners!! I know I said this contest would end Friday morning but for some brain fart reason I really thought yesterday was Thursday making today Friday when actually, DUH...yesterday was Wednesday making today Thursday and in anycase...
We have two winners...becuase they were both right, I couldn't decide and welp, what the heck, I love everyone...

Debcmom and Tanya Nicole Servis...
Please e-mail me at: to claim your very own "Mountain Hat".

Christmas morning Karl slipped this lucky ticket into my stocking...

We don't ever play lottery but Karl, wanting to give me something, anything, found a small convienance store open Christmas morning.
After cruising up and down the isles of this particular mini mart which sells mostly slim jims, cigars and fake hair he wandered up to the cash register and found the scratch off lottery ticket display which had more colorful ticket choices then Santa's got elves.

When he came home all proud of himself and all..I keep thinking "We so could have bought bread with that $2.00" and since I told him I have never won anything on those would be such a waste of $$.

Anywhos...I stuck it back in my stocking for later when the house got quiet...which, BTW, never happened.

A little later then that, Karl was busy making dinner, Kayara was taking Alona to her Dad's, Adriana had just gone down for a nap, the kids were busy doing what kids do when I sat down in the kitchen and scratched that ticket off.

Then I saw those $50.00's start showing by one and like that..BAM..there were three!!
So that's when I was like "Ohhh....Ohhh...Ohhhh" and Karl was like "What? What? What?" and I yelled "I won..I won..I won $50.00!!!!!"
And that is exactly when for some crazy reason, Karl thought I said "Fifty Thousand" and the poor guy dropped his tongs in the ham glaze and damn near had a stroke right there on the kitchen floor.

For something like a whole 5 minutes I was thinking of all the frappachino's $50.00 would buy then I remembered that Kolin needs new shoes before school starts again cuz he went and had another growth spurt and just like that Kody tells me his Playstation 2 controller thing is broken.
Easy come, easy go.

But you know, it was waaaayyyy fun while it lasted.

**Sorry about the heart tremors Karlio**

Thank you so much for participating in this surprise guessing game...don't fret though, because there is going to be more contests..I'll just spring them as ideas pop into this brain fart of a head. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Surprise Contest!!

So, I thought about just showing you what Karl brought home for me yesterdy but instead I thought.."Hey Self, how about having a lil' fun with this one?"

Alot of you may remember what I found under the Christmas tree last year, if you are new here...
Welp, this is what I woke up to Christmas morning last year..

Gotta love men who shop at Lowes, right?

This year there was no $ to spare but Karl went out for 10 minutes anyway yesterday morning and slipped something into the Christmas stocking.

So.....because I had a blast last year throwing some hints your way and because I had an even bigger blast seeing what you all guessed that could be round, shiney, etc...., and because I finally found out what a Roomba is, but that's another story...let's have a contest, a "Guess what Karl brought Kim home for Christmas" contest.

Here's a few hints...

1. It's smaller then a stocking.
2. You love them or you hate them.

3. If you end up loving it, you love it so much that you return it where you got it. 4. After you return it, you end up loving something even more.

And for our prize this time, our lovely model, Miss Alona is wearing her pink "Mountain Hat", which will be your mountain hat too. The winner gets one, any color, any size, hand crocheted and delivered straight to your mailbox {in the USA or Canada}.

Put those thinking caps on cuz this contest will end Friday morning. :0)

Good luck!!!


Santa Boy

I can't believe I forgot to post this...the last of the Santa photos for the year. :0)

I wish I could stay on longer but Karl ought to be back from dropping Karyelle off at the airport at any time now, then he heads out for work.
Kayara is working today too so the little ones {Alona and Adri} will be here.
Thank goodness the boys go back to karate tonight...they have a whole lotta energy to burn off. :0)

Hope ya'all had a great day yesterday. I'll show you a lil' something I got yesterday from Karl a bit later on..gotta snap a photo before it's gone. Can you guess?

Love, Kim

Paris In The Hood

Kaysha and Paris...they are a great team.
Kaysha loves to shop for little outfits for that cat, and Paris never gripes about wearing them.

So...this is what Kaysha calls "In the Hood".

**Please excuse the tag she forgot to clip off and I didn't notice until now**

Gotta love those pets..they are sooo much easier to live with then people. :0)


Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas To All

And to all, a good night. :0)



I know it's a little hard to see...but this is my most favorite ornament of all time.

Merry Christmas!


First Christmas

What's more sweet then a baby's first Christmas?

This reindeer thats shakes his head and sings "Gramma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer" was the only thing that kept her amused long enough for me to snap those few pictures.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!

Love, Kim

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Skater Claus

I took these today of Kody...You all know I always love when he's feeling great enough to be on that board of his. :0)

Have a great night everyone...I'm off to get some sleep. :0)

Love, Kim

Litttle Elves And Other Small Jolly Peeps

First...We got soooo lucky when Wal-Mart found a frame to fit mine and Karl's {yep...his glasses frame broke in the same exact spot two months's in the family you know} lenses...and they were only $18.00 a piece!! Talk about luck!! :0) I feel like mine are kind of on the nerdy side because I have always wore thin, lightweight wire frames and these are anything but that...but Karl loves it and he ummmm, well..let's just say for Christmas all he wants is me as his own personal secretary.
Enough said..too much info.

Yesterday Alona came to spend the day and needless to say, she kept us hopping with cupcake making, ornament making, and backyard golfing. By the end of the day, Karyelle was sooooo ready to sleep. Me? Nope...hats and scarves to make for Karyelle with the yarn she so graciously brought from New York...then expects two hats and four scarves sent back with her.

It was mentioned in the comments how a family portrait would be so cool.
Welp, try as I might...I have no idea if we will get one. Maybe if I learn quickly how to use the self timer thing..I may be able to pull it off. Maybe..I'll try.

Here's some photos from last weekend....Our two little elves..

Alexander Dean...

Alona Jane...

And other small, jolly things...

Three Sibs...

Alex, Adriana Destiny and Alona...

Alona and Adri

Alex and Adri...

Adri's new favorite toy..

Oh my gosh...those squishy hands...'s that baby stage where everything gets a taste...

I heart you too, Alex...

You too, Alona...

Candy Cane Craze...

I have a few more but I better wait until a little later on to post them. I think I've hit maximum picture overload this morning. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Friday, December 21, 2007

I Didn't Forget Ya'all glasses broke today and I can't see a dang thing without them.
Hopefully my high school don't be looking at the keynoard skills are working because otherwsie this will be full of typeo's.
OK..I am so done humiliating to bed.

I'll post again tomorrow and put some new pics up.

Have a restful night. :0)

Love, Kim

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby Toes

Alot of you know how badly I have this thing for feet...Oh my gosh, I hate them.
It's pretty painful to sit 4 to 5 days a week and watch my boys at karate because, know...there's a heck of a lot of feet in there.

About the only feet I can stand to look at and actually touch are the tootsies of those too small to walk yet.
I love these feet....

And I really love the lil' Diva those ten tiny toes belong too. :0)

Getting back to Kody...I must have been pretty tired because I don't think I explained things well.
When they put that hose down his nose and into his throat..the Doc. looked carefully at his vocal cords and had him making certain sounds. What he saw was a normal looking cord...but he did see alot of juicey stuff behind it which lead him to believe that Kody possibly has reflux and post nasal drip.
So...they gave him "nasalnex" {I have a feeling I spelled that all wrong} and they want him on a reflux medication but they wouldn't write a script., instead they want his pediatricain to write one which she won't do without setting up another appointment.
So...I called yesterday and wouldn't you know it, they called while I was out for a little bit. I'll try again right now.

Today is the last day of school until 2008 for the kiddo's. They are pretty happy as you can all imagine.

Karyelle {our oldest daughter} flys in tonight so Karl will be picking her up from OIA {Orlando airport}.
Having the whole family together once again is our Christmas this year.
Since it's been one stink butt of a year...we won't be celebrating with gifts. The kids say they understand but that Kolin of mine..he cracks me up because he still is holding out by plastering the fridge with his wish list. He kind of reminds me of those Wal-Mart commercials. LOL!!
What we will be celebrating is being together one more time for another year because Karyelle most likely won't be able to get here again until next Christmastime.
This home of ours is going to be packed to the max come tonight.

Welp, that Diva girl of mine should be here any minute so I better scoot.

Wishing you all a beautiful day today!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Kaysha...Where You At??

Seems to me all she does is go to school, go to her PT job, go out with friends, go to the mall, go to the movies, go anywhere I am not.

Before she took off with her BFF last week I begged and pleaded with her..just one picture, OK..just one I swear. lil' darlin' said to me in all her 16 year old cuteness..

"Mom, your so lame"

Told you she was cute. :0(

This is the one photo I was able to take, no actually I took a few of the one I wanted..with the cool fur hooded jacket that she hates, hates alot.
But..I won't be showing you those because she honestly looks like she's about ready to hurl in those snaps.

"Hey Kaysha? Where you at girl??"

Now you see her....

Now you don't.
It may be a while till we see her again...sorry.

Kody's appt. at Shands ENT went pretty well today.
The ENT Doc' stuck this tube thing with a camera on it, attached to a computer, right up his nose down to his vocal cord and on that computer I saw awfully strange ,bubbly looking parts of him I hope never to see again.
So...looks like for the time being, we are going to treat him with medication for reflux. Hopefully that will be the answer we are looking for so that surgery wil not be in his future.

Welp that's about all the news I have for now.

Lauren...Good luck, positive thoughts and many prayers for a very speedy recovery with you surgery tomorrow.
We'll be thinking of you...update as soon as you can. :0)

Love, Kim

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Little Bit Naughty And Alot A Bit Nice

Couldn't you just eat those two up?
Lori...get out the BBQ sauce!! :0)

You all know my grandaughter, Alona...the cutie next to her is her almost step-brother, Alex who is also Adriana's half brother.
In our home though...we don't say "step" or "half"...they are brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and most of all, "Grandaughter's and Grandson's"..plain and simple, we love them all..even when they're a bit naughty...which, BTW....never, ever happens when they are here.
When they're with us..they are as perfect as can be..really..well, OK...almost perfect...OK, they are perfect when Grammpa doesn't slip them cookies and candy and other sugary stuff.

"Awwww.....That's my babies"

These are for they're Mama...because she tells me the day we took these {Sunday}, they were hell on wheels....

One more...

Now how could those three faces ever do anything wrong? :0)

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


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