Monday, December 17, 2007

Kody Bear

Since we had to wean Kody off of his Orap, his eye/facial tic medication, he hasn't wanted his photo taken much.
Constantly closing his eyes shut doesn't bother me in the least but it does makes him very aggravated.
Fortunately though, since the Orap wasn't the source of Kody's problems he's been having, we got the OK from his Neurologist to wean him back on his medication...after we see the ENT Doc. this Wednesday.

I've been taking hundreds of pic's of everyone else around here that will let me, but lately I have been missing those big ole' mega M&M brown eyes of my Bear.
So, a few days ago I reminded him that girls get on this site...single, teen girls and once in a while they'd like to check out his M&M eyes too.

So, while he wouldn't necessarily do it for me....girls, he's all yours today....Enjoy!! :0)

One more, because every girl loves a guy who loves a baby...

Have a great day today..stay warm, we're a lil' chilly here too today. :0)

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

GREAT pics! Thanks, Kody, for sharing those big ole brown eyes. Even though I'm not a single teenager I can still say that, right?? :)

Kim, let me guess. A "lil chilly" is probably about 45 degrees, right? Try having 40 mph winds and the wind chill below zero. :( I know, I know..."you've been there", but since you high tailed it out of NY State, you deserve ribbing from other New Yorkers!! :D

Hope you ALL have a great day.


lost indie said...

He's so photogenic. I can't imagine why Target isn't beating down your door.

Amy said...

Tell the Bear..... big thanks!!!
I love your pictures so much Kim, thanks for sharing. You have such a gift.

MarlaCharles said...

Awww what great pictures! But they are always great pictures so no surprise there!

Have a great day!

Lissy said...

so, Kodeman, I have to share with you a funny little story.

My brother (ripe ol age of 13) just walked into the room and saw me checking out the blog. The following conversation ensued:

AJ - "I thought you were joking when you said you were upgrading little brothers."

Me - "You thought wrong."

AJ - "Go ahead and upgrade, he's not nearly as hot as I am."

Maddi (AJ's girlfriend) - "You right, AJ, he's wayyyyyyyyyy cuter than you."

:) have a great night!

Leeann said...


Eyes shut or eyes open, you are cute ALL the time!


Jen from WI said...

Kody, thanks so much for sharing those pics. You are a handsome young man. Those pics made me smile big today, just when I needed it!

Anonymous said...

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