Friday, December 14, 2007

Backyard Golf

Since Karyelle took the kids golfing back in November..they have had this crazy facination for golf.
Go figure..I never would have thought rough and tumble, wild, nutso kids could really get into a sport so relaxing.

Packing them up and paying for a day of golfing every week would break us for sure so we had to think of another alternative.

One day last week I found Karl and Kyle James cooking up something, and I'm not talking kitchen cooking..I'm talking "What can we create using power tools and house stuff" cooking.
Scary...I know.

Using an old dog run, and an old pool cover they invented this and put it up in our backyard.

Meghan picked up some golf sticks at a yard sale and now the kids can shoot golf balls all day long into that tarp...

"Ummm..Hello, my grass!!!!!"

"Such concentration, such seriousness, such...."

"Oh, nevermind...if you can't whack it after 16 tries...just throw the darn thing"

Here we have Kolin, set up and ready to slam that ball...but wait, what's that, something running into my picture..

Good Lord's AIR GUITAR MAN!!!!!"

I just can't catch a break, ever...

I love my boys, I really do.
I love my boys, I really do.

They drive me crazy..they really do!!!!!

Coming tomorrow...our first ever...

"Name That Photo Contest" my prizes could never in a million years compete with P-Dub's...but I'll think of something good, something warm, something cute and colorful and knitted. :0)

Have an awesome day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Jean said...

Looks like fun. Glad to hear Kody is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea!! Golf lessons probably cost a trillion dollars & are so boring! What a perfect set up for Kolin and Kody- right in the backyard!!! !Love it -- good thinking Dad Bear & Kyle!! And Meghan for scoring some golf clubs at a yard sale!!! WAHOO!!

Anonymous said...

My boys do the same thing except they aim for the evergreens, then have to go and dig them out. We got 2 sets of clubs at garage sales. Gotta love those sales!!
Can't wait for the picture contest what a great idea ;)
That darn picture still cracks me up.
Take care K's
Hugs from snowy Missouri,

Anonymous said...

Um, Kim....I know when you posted way back about the golf outing day you said your family doesn't golf much.

Just wanted to give ya a heads up that those "sticks" you were talking about in your entry are actually called golf CLUBS!!! :P

Sorry...I coudn't resist!!! Loved the set up in the back yard! Great idea!!



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