Thursday, December 13, 2007

My 2 Minute Update

LOL..seriously, if I time this right I will have exactly 2 minutes , maybe less so let's get started, shall we?
I'm thinking fast, typing fast, phones riniging...BRB...

ok, I'm back with a baby on my knee so bear with me please.

Where was I?

Kody's home with a major headache since last night. Kolin is home with an ear infection..actually his ear infection from last week doesn't seem to be better so I'm waiting on a call back from ped's so he can be rechecked today.
Karl's got a toothache/infection that had him up literally all night, he is a mess.
Adriana's fixin' to cut her first tooth and she is not a happy camper.
We're out of toilet paper and I'm drinking my last cup of coffee till the pot runs dry.'s not a holly jolly day, that's for sure but we'll make it through...maybe. :0)

Shands trip went fairly well yesterday. It was Dr. Pollack's last day and he'll be enjoying was sad to know he won't be back.
Anywhos...Dr. P feels that the medicationis not the cause of Kody's voice, balance, confusion, memory, etc problems. Since his tics are back it's safe for us to stop the Klonapin and put him back on Orap, very, very slowly.
Kodys balance on his left side which has never been real great seems to be getting worse and nobody can tell us why.

Dr. P was real impressed how strong Kody's body is....he's 5' 7" and 121 pounds of muscle. He looks thinner lately but it's because all his little boy chub is turning into he is getting taller by the day.
Blame it on karate...not only has martial arts made his brain and his mind healthier..but training 5, going on 6 days a week has got his body in the most tip top shape..Kolin too.

Dr. P wants Kody to stay on his seizure meds. Since his seizures are under control, there is no reason to stop the Keppra, it's doing it's job great.

Next appt. is on this coming up Wednesday to see the ear/nose/throat doctor at Shands. Maybe thet can tell us why he is losing his voice so rapidly.
If everything turns up normal there, then we go back to Dr. Pincus {neurosurgeon} to give him another try at what's going it shunt/tumor/increased intracranial pressure.

Welp my friends...I have got to jump off for now because typing with one hand and juggling a fussy baby with the other isn't working for me anymore. LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone. I promise my next update will be better, and without as many typo's. :0)

Love, Kim

Just one picture today...

"Hi, my ear hurts but I'm still kinda cute"


Anonymous said...

Praying you guys figure out the cause of Kodys problems sooner than later!! Sounds like you need CALGON and a FRAP from STARBUCKS immediately...Love, Marci

Jen from WI said...

Sure hope everyone feels better soon. Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen

Ness said...

Oh, Kim, I'm gonna change your name to the Unsinkable Molly Brown! Poor Karl and Adri with their respective teeth probs and Kolin with his ear. Two of my kids were chronic ear infection kids and it's a nightmare. Cyberblogging a FRAP from Starbucks right after you get done with Marci's.

Anonymous said... sorry everyone's not feeling so hot. Holey Cow, I can't believe Kody's 5'7"!!!! Sure hope you get your answers soon.

~NY~, USA!!!


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