Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's a Girl!!!!!

We found out yesterday Kaysha's first will be another girl for this family!!
It was amazing being there for that moment when we all found out together.
She's due around the middle of December. :)


BTW...the mini vacation was WONDERFUL!! Absolutely the best few days I've had in forever.

Have a beautiful day everyone. :)



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Madison's Birthday Pictures

UGH...I can't believe I'm so late.

Well, anyway....
Madison turned the big 1 last Sunday {July 14th}.
We had a big "Under the Sea" themed party and she even took her first three steps just minutes before her first guests rang the doorbell..it was so cute!

I haven't even had two minutes to pull those pictures off the camera, but these were taken just the day before.

First one is the sign at Kyle's job...first birthdays are a pretty big deal here and hers was for all to see. :)

DSC_8114 copy

Her first official cake smash pictures...

Before...During and After


DSC_8196 copy

DSC_8267 copy

This one was taken even before the cake was brought out and the mayhem started...


And this one is with her "All About Me" board.
We plan on doing this every year till she tells us to stop. :)

MadisonsBirthdayChalkboard copy

As I mentioned, life has been busy.
School is about to start in a few weeks and I'll have Kody in the 12th grade, Kolin in the 10th and Adriana in 1st.

Before the madness of that starts, this Friday I'm leaving for a 3 day mini vacation down South...I hope to be able to bring home some pictures and some good news to share next week.

Thank you to everyone who still stops by...it's for you that I continue this blog. Though, not as often as I'd like...I'm trying to get better on that. :)



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Almost a Year

Kind of hard to believe how fast the year flew by, but our little mermaid will turn one year this Sunday. :)

Mermaid in a bubble copy



Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Madison at 11 Months

It's so hard to believe Madison will be 1 in a couple weeks. This year has flown by!!

Sorry about the picture overload this morning...but here she is, all 11 months of her and ready to take off walking any day now. :)

First one is a tribute to her (maternal) Great-Grammpa, who was in the Navy. {outfit made by me and yes, it's a bit big on her but we figured she could wear it for Halloween this year too}.

DSC_8002 copy

Next, our Beautiful All American Girl...


Coolest Uncle Ever...




Early 4th of July {more coming in a couple days!}

DSC_7968 copy

About to take off any minute...

DSC_7869 copy

This one cracked me up, an outtake with the dogs. They looked so thrilled, don't they? LOL!


Have a great day everyone...I got to run and chaperone a movie trip for Adri's day care. Monsters University this morning!! :)




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