Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's a Girl!!!!!

We found out yesterday Kaysha's first will be another girl for this family!!
It was amazing being there for that moment when we all found out together.
She's due around the middle of December. :)


BTW...the mini vacation was WONDERFUL!! Absolutely the best few days I've had in forever.

Have a beautiful day everyone. :)




Rene Woods said...

Another beautiful Glamdaughter!

Congrats and best wishes to all.


Anonymous said...

Just a marketing suggestion, after I spend quiet some time trying to find your Etsy store (I tried Life is Beautiful, I tried your name as Kim Kup* variations, I tried Coconutz...none were found in Etsy). Put this link in the header (or towards) the top of both of your Facebook banners: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CoconutzByKim
You are a woman of many names and many websites...stay creative but help your readers (Life is Beautiful and Coconutz) find your Etsy store. You many also want to add it to your Banner information along the ride side of your blog (Looking Through The Glass).

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I hope Kaysha has a wonderful, healthy pregnancy. Congratulations K family.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim! Congratulations on another beautiful glamdaughther to brighten your day. The sonogram made me laugh though when I saw Kasha's last name spelled "Kuppenbasher" :-)
Hugs to all my favorite "K's"

Linda in Pittsburgh

Michelle said...

Congratulations Kaysha and family!

Miss Judy said...

OK girl, what's goin' on? You haven't blogged in over a month! Is everything ok? Are you ok? Is Cody ok? Everybody else ok? How 'bout Kaysha...is she ok? Can you tell you got me a little worried here? Sure hope you write soon!! Oh yeah...CONGRATS on being a Gramma again. Take care. You know you all are always in my prayers!
Hugs and Blessings


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