Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Freebie Tuesday

It's another stormy day here in the not so sunshiny state today, so this morning I decided to give myself a small challenge.
Today's challenge...texture making.

I have been looking for the perfect soft white linen texture for a while but geez..they can be a little pricey, kwim?

So, this morning I fiddled and I fiddled some more and I came up with this.

{kim}Off White Linen

Here it is used on an old photo I found just hanging around the PC.


I'm sure it would look alot better on something with a white background. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything this morning white. No worries.

For anyone new to textures, using them..so simple.

First, bring up your photo and texture in Photoshop.

You can adjust the texture to fit your photo by going to Image>Image Size and then Window> click on your photo name.

Once sized, copy and paste over your photo. Change the blending mode to "Multiply".

If you like the texture but are not crazy about the color, you can change the color easily by going to Image>adjustments>Hue & Saturation. Click "Colorize" and play with the sliders until you get the color you like. Do this BEFORE you paste it over your photo.

Here's the link for the texture, right click on it and save the large size.
Enjoy it!!

{kim's}Soft White Linen Texture

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Monday, June 29, 2009

The "K" Boys Movie Review

Transformers..Rise Of The Fallen was no doubt a two thumbs up!!

transformer boys

And although the boys have different opinions on who they rooted for, they both agree if there is only one movie that you get to see this summer, make it the Transformers.
We all loved it. :0)

Kody had his EEG at 7 AM this morning and did great. Keeping him up late, waking up early and keeping him awake on the ride there wasn't too bad. Well, OK..we took them to a night movie thinking that was good for a few hours, and it was. But..I have to give Kolin credit for keeping him up till 2 AM.
We had him back up by 5:15 and he actually did sleep through the EEG which was the whole point of it anyway. It was a sleep deprivation EEG.
Anyway, the results will be back in about two weeks.

Well..I better get going so I can get dinner on the table and the boys to karate class tonight.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Sunday, June 28, 2009

On Our Way...

To check out the new Transformers movie.

This kid is soooo stoked, he's been impatiently waiting all day. LOL!

KolinRedBack 013 copyframed

I'll report back tomorrow to give it a thumbs up {which I know it will be} or a thumbs down {not a snowballs chance in h-e-double hockey sticks}.


Love, Kim

Good Morning Sunday

Being woke up with a hot cup of coffee and this surprise on the table is my idea of a very sweet Sunday.

flowers 009

Yeppers, the Dad Dude strikes again nd there is actually only one thing that could make this day better.
The @Disney style "Galactic Gobbler" turkey legs that about to hit the smoker. Dinner is going to be awesome tonight!

We didn't make it to the movies last night, simply because it was a long day for Karlio but, we are going today for sure. The boys are beyond stoked..especially that youngest one. LOL!

Other then that and putting up some bamboo "tiki torches" around the patio, not much at all going on today.
Tomorrow though Kody is having his "Sleeping EEG". Which basically means tonight I will have to keep him up very, very late. Then wake him up very, very early. Somehow manage to keep him active on the car ride to Orlando and then watch him blissfully sleep like a Bear throughout his EEG. :0)

Well everyone, I'm out for now.

Have a beautiful day day!!

Love, Kim

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Has Come To My Attention

That I am a computer illiterate butthead.
OK, so I totally call myself that.
Seems I messed with the comment box settings and in getting click happy, I somehow managed to block most of you out.
I fixed it and I promise not to mess with anything I shouldn't be touching anymore.

Love, Click happy Kim a/k/a Butthead :0(

PS. Thank you Sheila. :0)

Give A Kid A Box Of Legos

And watch his imagination soar. :0)


Kolin made that robot about a week or so ago. That boy has mad put together/take apart/put together even better and badder mechanical skills. Crazy how he can barely sit still through a meal but he can sit for hours and focus on things like that.

I wanted to save that picture for today because tonight is the night we are going to see the new Transformers movie...YAY!!!!
Thank you to the Dad Dude for winning a hundred bucks on a one dollar scratch off lottery ticket. How cool is that?

Well, Bear ended up with infections in both ears. He's on oral antibiotics and ear drops as well. I think he's starting to feel alot better already. He's not one to ever complain though so when he does, you know it's got to be smarts.

I better get for now. The boys are still sound asleep so it's probably a good time to hog the TV and finish up the coffee pot.
Did I say that? I meant..start some laundry and bust some endless paper piles that have found their way to the kitchen table. LOL!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day today!!

Love, Kim

Friday, June 26, 2009

Boys And Their Toys

As they get older, their toys get bigger. :0)

DadInTruck 001

What guy doesn't love a big yellow truck?

DadInTruck 003

With a big ole' crane thing attached?

DadInTruck 004

And honestly...what girl doesn't love a guy with big arm muscles...oops, my bad...I mean truck skills?
Not this one. :0)


Love, Kim

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Final Stretch

We're almost there....the weekend is almost here!!

This kid seems pretty happy about that...


I can't understand why, since it is summer vacation and in a kids world, doesn't that mean everyday is just like the next...fun, relaxing, playful...oh wait..I am talking about my kids and I am pleading with ya'all out there, tell me I am not the only one who hears "I'm bored" and "There's nothing to do" all day long.
Come on..I can't be the only one..right?

Anyway..I love the way the combination of the evening light and pool water made his eyes light right up and sparkle...even throwing some blue color in those green peepers of his.

So, who went out yesterday and saw Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen? UGH..I sooo wish I would have but it will have to wait for the weekend when "The Dad Dude" can go too. We are all mega Transformers fans...we go back a long, long way back in the day when Transformers were just an after school cartoon.
Doesn't that new Linkin Park song absolutely ROCK!!! OMG, perfect for that movie. :0)
HUGE Linkin Park fan here!! LOL!!!!!
In case you haven't heard it...CLICK HERE and CRANK IT UP BABY.

Not much going on today, looks like Bear has got an ear infection now and I can't get him in to see a doctor till early tomorrow morning. Bummer...but I have started some ear drops so hopefully it will give him some relief till then.

Well everyone..I better get going cuz it sure does sound like the boys are up to something. Laughing loudly usually sums up trouble around here.

Have a GREAT day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome To Our New Home


On August 1st we are moving into a sweet lil' 3 bedroom house with all new interior, on a quiet private road, close to a lake and a beautiful park with an actual...holy moley, can you believe it...garage!!

Here's some outside pictures taken this morning...

OurNewHome 007

OurNewHome 006

OurNewHome 009

OurNewHome 013

Tomorrow we will be able to get some inside shots, though there is still a little work going on in there...it's OK though cuz it is OURS!!!!

I'd like to thank with all my heart, my man Karlio, for making this dream of ours, a reality.
I love you Baby!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!!!

Love, Kim

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real Feel....109 Degrees

Dang, it is HOT here!
Yesterday it was something like 98 degrees actual temp. but with the humidity it was a real feel of 109. Way too hot for any outdoor stuff and with Kolin waking up with a double ear infection yesterday we all settled in for an indoor kind of day.

That is, until last night when my two cooped up Hell Raisers couldn't take it anymore...

pool 011

pool 009

pool 037 copy

pool 010

pool 030

pool 035

Although Kolin had ear plugs and was told not to go underwater...geez...he had to just "accidentally" fall through his tire float. Goober.
My buying the wrong kind of ear plugs didn't help much either. Goober times 2.

Looks like today will be another incredibly hot day with storms coming and going all afternoon so I have no idea what I'll do to keep those two amused and out of each others hair today.
Movies...popcorn...nachos...video games...yeah, I believe that could work, for the first couple of hours anyway. :0)

Here's hoping you all have a fantastic day today...stay cool!!!

Love, Kim

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Madness

We thought just maybe it would be a good day to take off to the beach but....

Kolin woke up with what I am almost sure is an ear infection, maybe in both ears.
Kody woke up with a nasty headache.

Dr. appointment for Kolin is at 2:20 today and Kody needs a good dose of headache medication and a dark, quiet room.

So much for Monday. :0(

This picture isn't new but it's all I have since I hadn't taken any in two days. I don't think I lost my mojo...it just temporally got put on hold...I guess.

tires copy

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day!

For all that you do...
We really LOVE You!!


Thank you Baby for providing us with the best of everything.
Love, fun, laughter, hope, and a kick butt swimming pool too. :0)


Looking good there Pal!!

Happy Dad's/"Pa-Pa's" Day!!!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fathers Day Weekend Sale

This weekend only!!
This Five Hat Pack, take $10.00 off bringing it down to $35.00 includes shipping USA.


You can go to From My Heart To Your Head for more info on it. :0)

Love, Kim

Monkey Face

Can you believe it....I woke up to sunshine, a pot of very hot coffee, two sleeping kids and 7 foot high mountain of dirty laundry.
Somebody please tell me why I have more laundry now then I did during the winter? I mean seriously, do the boys have to have a clean towel, another pair of swim trunks and a fresh outfit each time they decide to jump in the pool?

Let's see....plans for today other then being Tide with Fabreezes' biggest fan?
A homemade Dad's Day gift that the boys and I thought of has to be completed, that's another quick {did I just say quick? I am such a dork} trip to the store.
I want to work on another hat pack. This one is called "Four Fruits and a Veggie". Not much thought went into that, I know. Hehe...
A new Artasin Look-a-Like throw is in the makings. This one will be the colors of autumn.
I got to, seriously got to, go tanning this morning. Twenty minutes of relaxation time all to myself...oh yeah, hard to even consider skipping out on that.
Three kittens have found a home, we are down to two. Anybody? Come on..they are adorable. :0)
I have a couple photo ideas brewing around the noggin. I just need time and energy to make them happen.
I figured out a cheaper way to keep my iced coffee madness around for the summer while saving those dollars for something more important. I'll provide my very, incredibly, deliciously refreshing, cheapo recipe a little later on.
Lastly but not leastly, it is snake feeding weekend around here. So, a trip to the pet store is a must. While normal folks unlike myself are picking up catnip and peanut butter flavored doggie treats I will be spoiling my two reptiles with a couple huge juicy rats. Only the best for my two. LOL!

Well my friends/family, I am going to leave you with this "Monkey Face". Can you see it? Cute, huh? Can you guess what it is?


Hope everyone out there has a really good day today. Stay cool!!
We are having record breaking heat this weekend. I sure hope it is cooler at the beach tomorrow.


Love, Kim

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Dangers Of Long Wet Pool Hair

I have no idea how he did it but I can tell you it took me 20 minutes
and a few squirts of butter flavored cooking spray to undo it. LOL!

CombInKolinsHair 002

Just another typical, crazy, normal day for us.

Have a great day everyone, stay cool!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photographer's Sampler Pack

Here's the newest "hat pack".


More info on: From My Heart To Your Head

This pack includes 5 unisex hats in sizes ranging from Newborn up to 2 years old.
A perfect starter pack for the photographer just starting out or any photographer specializing in children who wants something new without breaking the bank. :0)



We are 53 and 46 years young and we still love our Converses.

converse 009

Cuz that's how we roll, Baby. :0)

~*~Kim & Karlio~*~

PS. I'm the younger one. LOL!

If Dad Can't Come To Dinner...

Dinner will go to Dad. :0)

dinner 004

This was taken last week while Kody was away at camp.

Since Karlio starts his day at lunchtime and doesn't typically come home till we are all sleeping around here, dinnertime can be...well, lonely.
So, once a week or so, I pack up the dinner, the kiddo's and myself and we head out the two blocks to his job and sit down to a family dinner.

Yeppers, it's a little more work but it is worth every minute of that time. :0)

Today is house hunting, day 5. We have an appointment to see another one this morning...well, actually we have to leave in 5 minutes.
Looks like I better get on off of here and get the hell raisers in the car.

I'll be back on later.
Oh, oh, oh...I have a new hat pack going up this afternoon. I just have to snap a quick photo and post.
Here's a little preview/hint.

Five hats all in sizes NB-3 months on up to 12 months to 2 years.
Assorted sizes and styles, all unisex for the child photographer just starting out or for the photographer who just wants a few more kiddie hats at a great price that is affordable.

OK..got to run!!


Love, Kim

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunflare Is Cool

It really is. :0)


So, yesterday I put gas in the car and then started to drive out of our local Mobil parking lot thinking I forgot something. Looked in the rearview. Yeah, I forgot to put the gas cap back on and there it was sitting on the little concrete ledge with the gas door thingy wide open. So, I stopped the car in the middle of the lot, got out, put my hand on my hip, put on my "I meant to do that cuz I am so cool" look, got the cap, tossed my hair, ran back to the car, slapped that baby back on, slammed the gas door thingy shut, and left fast. Looked in the rearview again and realized that the other peeps at the pumps were still staring at me. Some were laughing. Some looked puzzled. Some were shaking their heads.
And, to make this adventure of mine even more interesting. When Karlio reads this he will just be finding out too.
I am sure to hear all about sometime after midnight when he finally gets home.
Lord help me...I am gonna be woke up I can just feel it.
BTW...Karlio doesn't like to let me out alone much. Days like that are his reason why.



Burgers, Hot Dogs, Are They Really Beach Food? Nahhhhh!

Packing up the hell raisers and heading out to the West Coast is most definitely one of this families favorite weekend things to do.
Not only do we pack up Kody and Kolin real early while they are still half asleep, {Most days they don't even know they have been "packed up" till we actually get there and they open those purty eyes and say "Ummmm...I was just in my bed, what happened?"}
we also pack up lunch, dinner, tons of drinks and all those inbetween snack things that boys and their Dad always seem to gotta have.

One of the best things about dinner on the beach is seeing what we can come up with next.
While all the other beach goers are carefully planning out what to put on their dogs, keeping the charcoal burning in the wind, swatting the seagulls away and chasing flying plastic hot dog bun bags we are typically hanging out, reading a book, setting our table and watching our dinner grill itself into perfection.
We get alot of stares.
I hope it is because we inspire.

If you happen to be on the same beach as us and want to find us, come on over and visit us on our little spot in the sand.
Don't be shy...you know you want to.

This is what you'll look for...

A strategically placed umbrella blocking the wind. {beaches are always windy at dinnertime...at least all the ones we have visited are}


Let's get a little bit of a closer look, shall we?


Dude? What is that? Could it be? Yeah...yeah, I think it is...


Well heck yeah it is..it's "Shish-Ka-Bobs on the grill!!"


Mmmmmm, that ain't yer parents beach day family dinner.

Now, while I don't have a formal recipe for you all to follow I can tell you this is what we do.

"Shish-Ka-Bobs" by the "K" Family

Buy the stuff {fresh and raw veggies and meat}.
Chop the stuff.
Impale the stuff on Ka-Bob skewers.
Grill the stuff.

Enjoy like only this kid can!!!

GulfIsland5-31-09 030

As you know, Kody came home from camp yesterday.
Family life is back to normal again.
The boys are wrestling every chance they get.
They argue alot.
Sometimes they make up and hug.
The phone rang every three minutes yesterday, no joke.
Every call was from a different girl.
Kolin's mad cuz he thought he was getting a brother back, instead he got a brother with a phone stuck to his head.
I'm over it.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bear's Back Home!

And family life is complete again.


More later but right now I have a few hat ideas buzzin' around the brain that I want to try out while I have a few semi-peaceful minutes. :0)


Love, Kim

Hey...Guess What?


MySillyKolin 026 copy


MySillyKolin 022


MySillyKolin 019


MySillyKolin 013


MySillyKolin 023


MySillyKolin 027


MySillyKolin 035 copy


MySillyKolin 024


MySillyKolin 034


MySillyKolin 033

And now I'm a little tired, but still very excited. :0)

Love, Kolin

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Successful Sunday, Oh Wait...It's Monday

Sunday, Monday...oh heck...whatever day it is.

Yesterday turned out to be a super successful day. The pool went up without a hitch, thanks to teamwork.
Teamwork = Karlio getting up earlier then everyone else and starting it on his own and me waking up whenever and bringing him coffee when his cup ran dry.
Now, even though on one of the pool set-up on-line reviews it was clearly written "Do not attempt to install pool with your spouse", our technique worked out quite well. That's teamwork I tell you.
Besides, I know my place in the world and it is far away from any of Karlio's tools, especially power tools of any kind.

We decided that because of the sugar sand here in Florida which acts much like a mild case of quicksand, we should put patio block under the pool legs, all 18 of them.
One quick trip to Wally World and one very thrifty husband who was in no way willing to spend $2.00 per block times 18, we went back home and put our long haired noggins together.

Now, since I am such a sentimental type Mama, I have kept every single piece of wood my two hell raisin' boys have busted in half with their fists, feet and knowing my Kolin, a head butt or two.
These small pieces of wood about 8x8 or maybe 10x10 inches made for perfect little platforms for under the pool legs.
My babies busted up boards will be forever embedded under the legs of our big blue and white swimming pool.
Go boys for breaking them!
Go me for saving them!
Go Dad for using them wisely!

We started running water around 3:30 PM and after watching Kolin painstakingly stand by that pool watching the water run in, we decided it was a good day to celebrate a good day by not cooking.
OK, I decided it. I don't remember much giving anyone else a choice. Hmmmm...

Anyway, off to Subway we went for a nice, wholesome, healthy dinner.

Mmmmm...I do love me some Subway.


We took our dinner to a small railroad park, sat at a table in the shade and chowed down on an incredible healthy yet totally satisfying sandwich made of all fresh veggies on 9 grain wheat bread.
Looks good, doesn't it? It was.


As much as I would like to say my cute carnivorous, sweaty, dirty, end of the day stinky son followed my healthy lead, the kid had his mind set on a meatball marinara on Italian bread, hold the cheese.


What can you do, he's a boy.

On the way home we had to stop off at the grocery store for a few, OK, more then a few things. Wait..it started out as one thing and we walked out with 15 things, or so, I think.

One of those needed things were these...


Remember those waxy, sugar juice filled soda bottle of way back when even I was a kid?
Fun to drink, fun to chew, even funner to photograph...


That is some kickin' depth of field, wouldn't you agree?

After that we were kind of tired after our day and so we settled down and watched a movie or two until the three of us finally gave in to falling eyelids and went to bed.

Tomorrow morning at exactly 9:30 AM we will be at Camp Boggy Creek's front gate to pick up the Bear who we missed terribly.
And even though Kolin says he is totally diggin' the excessive spoiling he's been getting from the both of us and wishes his brother could stay another week, deep down in his little wild man heart, I know he wants his brother back badly so he has someone brave enough to jump in that pool full of FREEZING water with him.
Yeah, it's be two more weeks till I am brave enough to get in there....for sure!! LOL!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for the salt filtration system advice. :0)

Love, Kim


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