Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What Not To Say...

No matter how busy I should get.
No matter how many projects I need to finish at one time.
No matter how much the boys noise gets under my skin.
No matter what, I should never, ever say..

"Will you two go find something to do for 10 freakin' minutes!!!"

Because this is what I found when I casually looked out the kitchen window...


Never turn your back on these two.
Lesson learned.

CrazyBoys 020

Today Bear leaves us for 6 wonderful days at Camp Boggy Creek where he will be spoiled rotten, allowed to eat spaghetti with his face, dance like nobody is looking, and not forced to shower. Thank goodness for chlorinated pool water, at least it's something.

Kolin, on the other hand will be home with me, bored out of his mind. That new swimming pool can't come soon enough for me, believe that.

The Artasin {TJ Maxx} look-a-like throw was completed last night. It is going up for sale sometime today and will include a few matching baby beanies, so if your interested, watch for it. I will post pictures a little later on.
It actually came out so sweet that I really regret not having a baby to photograph on it. Ah well, my loss will be someone elses pride and joy. :0)

Well..I better get going for now.
Have a really wonderful day everyone!!

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

OMG - I am SO glad that I scrolled down past your post about Adri's contest. I almost didn't see this one. HOW HYSTERICAL!!!! I actually LOL {so glad there weren't any customers standing nearby!} I'm sorry, but I sure wish I was there to witness that first-hand! And, Kim, I'm CERTAIN Kolin would be more than willing to try this stunt with MOM while his big bro is gone these next 6 days! [If you happen to take that on, PLEASE be sure Karl gets a pic for all of us. HA! :o)] Seriously, though, it looks like Kody and Kolin even "planned ahead" with the helmet AND blanket!! Those two crack me up (and, of course, Mom's writing abilities help add to the story!).

I can't wait to see pics from Camp Boggy Creek. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, you'll even pull an older one from years past to compare? Please, PRETTY PLEASE? (I never did get to see that collage of older photos from long ago.) ;-)

Hope you "survive" Day One with Kolin. :)

Shiela in NY

Random said...

Hey, on the bright side, at least your hooligans know to wear a helmet when they're going to do insane Camp Kill Yourself stunts like that...
I was actually pushed down a snowy hillside in one of those carts, straight at a busy intersection (we were young and dumb). Fortunately, the cart fell over at the bottom of the hill. It must have looked strange, because we were all in costume for Halloween.


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