Saturday, June 27, 2009

Give A Kid A Box Of Legos

And watch his imagination soar. :0)


Kolin made that robot about a week or so ago. That boy has mad put together/take apart/put together even better and badder mechanical skills. Crazy how he can barely sit still through a meal but he can sit for hours and focus on things like that.

I wanted to save that picture for today because tonight is the night we are going to see the new Transformers movie...YAY!!!!
Thank you to the Dad Dude for winning a hundred bucks on a one dollar scratch off lottery ticket. How cool is that?

Well, Bear ended up with infections in both ears. He's on oral antibiotics and ear drops as well. I think he's starting to feel alot better already. He's not one to ever complain though so when he does, you know it's got to be smarts.

I better get for now. The boys are still sound asleep so it's probably a good time to hog the TV and finish up the coffee pot.
Did I say that? I meant..start some laundry and bust some endless paper piles that have found their way to the kitchen table. LOL!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day today!!

Love, Kim

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