Friday, June 5, 2009


Gotta love those lunch ladies...they are quick and this one happened to be much quicker then me cuz as soon as she saw me coming over to snap a picture of all that fruit...her rubber gloved hand popped right in there. LOL!


I will have more pic's of Kolin's Luau soon. Right now I have got to run out to the store before the next round of storms gets here.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. The blog may be another work in progress for a little while. I am trying to get the photos big and the background cute. So far..not much luck with cute. :0(


Shiela said...

That fruit sure looks YUMMY!

At least your BIG BLOG helps my Old Eyes! LOL! :o)

Shiela in NY

Kim said...

LOL...yep, that was the problem here too..I couldn't see what I was doing at all.


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