Saturday, June 20, 2009

Monkey Face

Can you believe it....I woke up to sunshine, a pot of very hot coffee, two sleeping kids and 7 foot high mountain of dirty laundry.
Somebody please tell me why I have more laundry now then I did during the winter? I mean seriously, do the boys have to have a clean towel, another pair of swim trunks and a fresh outfit each time they decide to jump in the pool?

Let's see....plans for today other then being Tide with Fabreezes' biggest fan?
A homemade Dad's Day gift that the boys and I thought of has to be completed, that's another quick {did I just say quick? I am such a dork} trip to the store.
I want to work on another hat pack. This one is called "Four Fruits and a Veggie". Not much thought went into that, I know. Hehe...
A new Artasin Look-a-Like throw is in the makings. This one will be the colors of autumn.
I got to, seriously got to, go tanning this morning. Twenty minutes of relaxation time all to myself...oh yeah, hard to even consider skipping out on that.
Three kittens have found a home, we are down to two. Anybody? Come on..they are adorable. :0)
I have a couple photo ideas brewing around the noggin. I just need time and energy to make them happen.
I figured out a cheaper way to keep my iced coffee madness around for the summer while saving those dollars for something more important. I'll provide my very, incredibly, deliciously refreshing, cheapo recipe a little later on.
Lastly but not leastly, it is snake feeding weekend around here. So, a trip to the pet store is a must. While normal folks unlike myself are picking up catnip and peanut butter flavored doggie treats I will be spoiling my two reptiles with a couple huge juicy rats. Only the best for my two. LOL!

Well my friends/family, I am going to leave you with this "Monkey Face". Can you see it? Cute, huh? Can you guess what it is?


Hope everyone out there has a really good day today. Stay cool!!
We are having record breaking heat this weekend. I sure hope it is cooler at the beach tomorrow.


Love, Kim


Random said...

Glad everything's going so well for you guys at the moment! You could start teaching the boys how to use a washing machine... they might be scared enough to reduce the loads they make.
Is it a coconut?

Anonymous said...

is it another hint to the summer surprise?


Anonymous said...

WEll Since the Photo it self says coconut monkey face Im Guessing, UMM COCONUT, LOL

Anonymous said...

DiD I Miss what The Big Summertime News WAs??? I DOnt think Ive seen it POsted, If Not What Is IT??


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