Monday, June 8, 2009

Icees & Red Dumpsters

Cherry Cola icees on a humid summer day, what can top that?
Hmmm...maybe that kickin' red dumpster? Yes, I am one of those weirdos that see's beauty in a dumpster. LOL!



These and a bunch of others that I will post soon were taken in the parking lot of Karlio's job yesterday afternoon. Funny how even in a construction site's parking lot you can find lots of places to pop off some photos.
Anyway...I took these to remember our icee day. :0)

Bear is feeling much better, thank you and Kolin seems fine too.

I am not sure if we will get to go anywhere or do anything special today since Karlio got called into work this morning. He'll be home in a few hours though, so we'll see.
One thing I know for sure..I got to make a trip out to Joanne's for some hat supplies. I was working on a cute "Rock Star" hat {think black and white stripes with red pom-poms} and ran out of white. I hate when that happens.

The next baby hat pack will be arriving this week, so watch for it if your interested. Rock Star will be included in it.

Well my friends, it is breakfast time in the "K" home and I know at least one little boy who is giving me the "are you going to let me starve all day" look. It's pitiful, I tell ya. Hehe....

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim

PS. Random...that super sweet focus is from #1 making sure my shutter speed was cranked up high, which is pretty easy to do cuz I had the most delicious overcast light yesterday and #2 from the 85mm 1.8 Nikon lens that I L*O*V*E...LOVE! It is crispy sweet, tack sharp and it is also called "The 3D Lens". If you can save the $, it is very, very well worth it. I could never live without mine for full body rocks. :0)

The photos from today wre taken with the Tamron 28-75mm 2.8. This is my workhorse lens, the one that stays on my Nikon body 90% of the time. This is another sharp lens, if you get a sharp copy. I bought mine used and got really lucky.
PPing on these photos was pretty minimal.


Shiela said...

LOL, Kim...I think you're right...not too many people would find a dumpster for a photo backdrop. :) To your credit, it lucks just fine!

Hope you all get to do something a little extra special. I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning -- I know...summer's almost here. I'm WAAAAAAAY behind.....

Shiela in NY

Random said...

Thanks for the information! I'm always impressed by your photos... it seems like I can never get the lighting quite right, or somehow I just end up without the focus and colors and lighting that you seem to get every time!


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