Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chillax Sunday

No beach for us today, the weatherman said "go early" and since not a one of us is a morning person this morning we declare it a chillax movie watching, popcorn eating kind of semi rainy day.

CanaveralBeach 033

Though tomorrow sounds like a good day for some beach time. Karlio has the day off, the kids are on summer vacation, Kody doesn't start camp till Wednesday, I still want to visit that Kawasaki green wall..

We hope your day is of the chillaxing kid too.

Have a great one everone!!

Love, Kim


tcsTenor said...

I LOVE the larger photos!! Forget about a "cute" background. The big pics are all we need! :-D

Kim said...

I agree. :0)
Plus it is way easier on my oldish eyes. LOL!

Sea52Jay said...

And my even oldisher eyes. ;-) <3


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