Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Morning Sunday

Being woke up with a hot cup of coffee and this surprise on the table is my idea of a very sweet Sunday.

flowers 009

Yeppers, the Dad Dude strikes again nd there is actually only one thing that could make this day better.
The @Disney style "Galactic Gobbler" turkey legs that about to hit the smoker. Dinner is going to be awesome tonight!

We didn't make it to the movies last night, simply because it was a long day for Karlio but, we are going today for sure. The boys are beyond stoked..especially that youngest one. LOL!

Other then that and putting up some bamboo "tiki torches" around the patio, not much at all going on today.
Tomorrow though Kody is having his "Sleeping EEG". Which basically means tonight I will have to keep him up very, very late. Then wake him up very, very early. Somehow manage to keep him active on the car ride to Orlando and then watch him blissfully sleep like a Bear throughout his EEG. :0)

Well everyone, I'm out for now.

Have a beautiful day day!!

Love, Kim

1 comment:

Shiela said...

Awwwe. That's so sweet of your hubby! I would NEVER catch mine up earlier than me, let alone outside picking flowers!!! :o)


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