Sunday, June 14, 2009

If There's Something Strange.....

In your neighborhood.
Who ya gonna call?



HEHE...sorry, I had to do it and now you too will have the Ghostbusters Theme Song stuck in your head all day.
The Ghostbusters and I go back a long way, we really do. :0)

The new pool is about all set up as of this morning but before we can get it loaded with water, we have got to get us some patio block to put under the legs. Anyone from Florida who knows what "sugar sand" is, knows exactly why. Think "quick sand" only not as bad.
Sinking is not good.
So, we are seriously thinking of swapping out the filtration system/pump thing to a salt one. Any reviews? The good, bad and ugly?
So far what we have researched and heard from one other family is good, actually great but before we plunk down more $$'s next week, we were curious as to how many of you have made the switch, and do you like it?

Kody Bear comes home Tuesday morning, we pick him up at about 9:30 AM. Kolin get's his best bud back and I am off the entertainment hook for a while, probably about two hours before they start their never ending bickering again.
Thank you Dad for getting our hellraisers a pool, this Mama is forever grateful...believe that.
Ohhh, I dang near had a heart attack this morning when Camp Boggy Creek called here. They never, ever call unless something is very wrong. I froze so Karlio had to pick it up.
Thankfully, they just wanted to know who is picking him up, apparently that paperwork went missing too.

Well I better get off of here so we can figure out this patio block situation we have going on here.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day everyone!!

Oh,'s that picture of my Ghostbuster in B&W. I couldn't figure out which I liked better and since you all know I am not much of a B&W person, well..guess that says alot. LOL!



Love, Kim

PS. Sheila, I got your email last night. I will be replying eyes were about to fall out last night. OMG though, Thank God he is OK!! I guess my kids aren't the only one causing us parents to go prematurely gray?!


Amy said...

We made the switch 2 years ago to "Mineral Springs" and it was the best thing we've done as far as the pool goes. It's a little expensive to start up but once it's going it's alot easier and pretty much maintenance free. The water stays crystal clear and we have no complaints. Just be sure to take your cell off in the winter or it will freeze and crack open....wait, you're in Fl, that may not be an issue!

Shiela said...

I happen to like B&W photos so I like BOTH of them! :o) Although the 'Ghostbuster' doesn't look quite the same in B&W, huh? Glad to hear you got your POOL! Sorry I'm no help with your survey. We lsot our pool last year due to Dad chopping the tree down at too much of an angle. Dang thing hit the very EDGE of the pool bottom but it was so rusted that it tore a hole in half a second and in about half a minute all the water was G-O-N-E. :( Too expensive to replace this year (especially for us northerners who get 2.5 months of use!).

You are very right, Kim, about those grey hairs!! I've never had such a scarey situation. I couldn't help but think this weekend that "what if" things had gone wrong. We would have been experiencing a totally different weekend than what we had. I squeeze him even tighter now. :o)

Hope you're having a great night! I'm gonna go catch the early news. Was awake on and off since 3 this morning so I'm feeling pret-ty tired!

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

My friends switched their pool this year to salt 8 year old son has always swam in the pool with no problem, until they switched - he swam, got out, put on sunscreen and got back in and got burnt, bad - a chemical burn. We ended up at the ER just to be safe - it actually looked like a sunburn, but it wasn't. I felt so bad for him. He had swam there 2 days before and came home looking sunburnt, which was weird as he usually tans - obviously he was burnt then too. He was screaming and crying - it hurts. No one has been able to tell me why or what happened. They changed their pool thinking it was better/easier....Good luck.
Trish in Ohio

The Saunders Family said...

Great shirt!

Amy said...

Trish...was it a new or different sunblock? My husband and son put on sunblock at work the other day and it burnt both of them. Both of their faces turned really red like they were sunburnt and was burning. They won't be using that sunblock again! May not be the same thing, but thought it was worth mentioning.

Kim said...

I was thinking the same thing about the sunblock. :0(


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