Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Beach Bum Babysitter

Have you ever gone to a sinfully sweet, sunshiny, wonderfully warm, tropical teasing, deliciously delightful beach vacation spot only to be bombarded by children and their never ending need for food, Capri Suns, Coppertone, sand castle help, bathroom trips, food, Capri Suns, Coppertone, well you get the idea, right?

After raising six hellions and after finally getting down to the last two...Karlio and I have learned a few things through the years.

A parents gotta do, what a parents gotta do and so let me introduce to you a foolproof way we have found to have an hour or two to ourselves.
Spend some quality time together, share a drink, a walk in the sand, read a book, take a nap.
But how you may ask?

Well..let me introduce to you, The Beach Bum Babysitter.

Bring the little Goobers over to their favorite sandy spot, have them lay down, tell them that you want to play a game and then start covering them up with buckets full of beach sand.
Do it quick, before they realize what your up to and escape.

Pat that sand down good, keep telling them that we're playing a game and the fun will start soon...

Then walk away...quickly.

"Ummmmm...Kody, quit smiling Dude..I seriously don't think this is a game"

Enjoy that time to yourself...your little Gooberheads will be OK as they will be safety tucked right there next to each other.
See how happy our Goobs are?

Now go forth and spend some time together, you know you deserve it.
One little tip though..don't try this too close to shore if there is a chance tide will be coming in.

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. A few notes...
No Gooberhead Hellraisin' "K" kids were hurt in the making of "The Beach Bum Babysitter"
Also...Looking Through The Glass {the blog} does not promote cigarette smoking in any way.
Try the patch, acupuncture or hypnosis and if all else fails, think about the premature facial wrinkling...scary.
Now put that cancer stick down..PLEASE!


Random said...

Kody's hair is amazing! I guess his protectiveness and care ever since he was a small child has paid off in spades.
Thanks for the advice... I wonder if this would work inland. Hmmm... *considers piling dirt and stones upon small children to hold them in place*

Shiela said...

Thanks for your creative ways, Kim. That post was great! Sadly, I would be thrilled to JUST GET TO THE BEACH, and probably wouldn't mind the requests for food, drinks, and sun screen over and over again. :o) {I do believe you are a spoiled Floridian! :D } I had to lol about the cigarette/cancer plug (as serious, and correct, you are). I didn't even notice the one hanging out of Karl's mouth, and had to go back and look closely. I'm surprise you didn't photo chop it out of there!! :)


Have a great day.

Love yuz,
Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker but have Karlio get a prescription for Chantix to help stop smoking. It is wonderful and helped me to quit after many years of the habit. It kills the urges to smoke completely. I could not believe how effective it is.


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