Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Burgers, Hot Dogs, Are They Really Beach Food? Nahhhhh!

Packing up the hell raisers and heading out to the West Coast is most definitely one of this families favorite weekend things to do.
Not only do we pack up Kody and Kolin real early while they are still half asleep, {Most days they don't even know they have been "packed up" till we actually get there and they open those purty eyes and say "Ummmm...I was just in my bed, what happened?"}
we also pack up lunch, dinner, tons of drinks and all those inbetween snack things that boys and their Dad always seem to gotta have.

One of the best things about dinner on the beach is seeing what we can come up with next.
While all the other beach goers are carefully planning out what to put on their dogs, keeping the charcoal burning in the wind, swatting the seagulls away and chasing flying plastic hot dog bun bags we are typically hanging out, reading a book, setting our table and watching our dinner grill itself into perfection.
We get alot of stares.
I hope it is because we inspire.

If you happen to be on the same beach as us and want to find us, come on over and visit us on our little spot in the sand.
Don't be know you want to.

This is what you'll look for...

A strategically placed umbrella blocking the wind. {beaches are always windy at least all the ones we have visited are}


Let's get a little bit of a closer look, shall we?


Dude? What is that? Could it be? Yeah...yeah, I think it is...


Well heck yeah it's "Shish-Ka-Bobs on the grill!!"


Mmmmmm, that ain't yer parents beach day family dinner.

Now, while I don't have a formal recipe for you all to follow I can tell you this is what we do.

"Shish-Ka-Bobs" by the "K" Family

Buy the stuff {fresh and raw veggies and meat}.
Chop the stuff.
Impale the stuff on Ka-Bob skewers.
Grill the stuff.

Enjoy like only this kid can!!!

GulfIsland5-31-09 030

As you know, Kody came home from camp yesterday.
Family life is back to normal again.
The boys are wrestling every chance they get.
They argue alot.
Sometimes they make up and hug.
The phone rang every three minutes yesterday, no joke.
Every call was from a different girl.
Kolin's mad cuz he thought he was getting a brother back, instead he got a brother with a phone stuck to his head.
I'm over it.

Have a great day everyone!!!!

Love, Kim


Sea52Jay said...

Okay Kim. We have the chairs and the gazebo, the umbrella and cooler and even the little grill but I have a question---How do you haul the grills? I am concerned about hot mostly, not to mention the ashes etc. I know you have some trick up your sleeve for this. We have an SUV and no trunk so this has been a puzzle for me. Love ya lots. CJ

Kim said...

I am going to have Karl answer that one for you because he doesn't allow me around anything hot and or potentially dangerous. See above post about the gas station incident. :0)

Shiela said...

OMG...would ya STOP making me so dang HUNGRY??? These food shots are killing me!!! I'm lucky to even make it to the beach, or grill outside for that matter, and because of my job hours I don't cook anything overly fancy so this is torchure. :) Have to tell ya, did make me smile. Wanna know what from? The word "skewers".

Let's go back a bit, Kim. If we are, truly, half-sisters I don't know if it's your mom or mine that is/was our mother ;-) but my mother had a very hard time saying the word skewers. Bless her soul, but...she used to call them SKREWERS!!!! :o)

Now to your other post...

Shiela in NY

Kim said...

LMFAO!!! OMG Sheila, OMG I swear to you I just spit iced coffee all over myself. I needed that laugh so bad. Skrewers...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Shiela said...

And now I'm laughing, envisioning YOU laughing! :o) I sure hope you didn't get any iced tea on the new pc, though. Your hubby will be sending me the bill!! That whole 'skewer" thing does bring back fond memories of my mom, though.

Hope you have a great day! Luv yaz.

Sea52Jay said...

So tell Karl I'm still waiting for some advice on the grill thing.............. <3 CJ


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