Monday, June 15, 2009

A Successful Sunday, Oh Wait...It's Monday

Sunday, Monday...oh heck...whatever day it is.

Yesterday turned out to be a super successful day. The pool went up without a hitch, thanks to teamwork.
Teamwork = Karlio getting up earlier then everyone else and starting it on his own and me waking up whenever and bringing him coffee when his cup ran dry.
Now, even though on one of the pool set-up on-line reviews it was clearly written "Do not attempt to install pool with your spouse", our technique worked out quite well. That's teamwork I tell you.
Besides, I know my place in the world and it is far away from any of Karlio's tools, especially power tools of any kind.

We decided that because of the sugar sand here in Florida which acts much like a mild case of quicksand, we should put patio block under the pool legs, all 18 of them.
One quick trip to Wally World and one very thrifty husband who was in no way willing to spend $2.00 per block times 18, we went back home and put our long haired noggins together.

Now, since I am such a sentimental type Mama, I have kept every single piece of wood my two hell raisin' boys have busted in half with their fists, feet and knowing my Kolin, a head butt or two.
These small pieces of wood about 8x8 or maybe 10x10 inches made for perfect little platforms for under the pool legs.
My babies busted up boards will be forever embedded under the legs of our big blue and white swimming pool.
Go boys for breaking them!
Go me for saving them!
Go Dad for using them wisely!

We started running water around 3:30 PM and after watching Kolin painstakingly stand by that pool watching the water run in, we decided it was a good day to celebrate a good day by not cooking.
OK, I decided it. I don't remember much giving anyone else a choice. Hmmmm...

Anyway, off to Subway we went for a nice, wholesome, healthy dinner.

Mmmmm...I do love me some Subway.


We took our dinner to a small railroad park, sat at a table in the shade and chowed down on an incredible healthy yet totally satisfying sandwich made of all fresh veggies on 9 grain wheat bread.
Looks good, doesn't it? It was.


As much as I would like to say my cute carnivorous, sweaty, dirty, end of the day stinky son followed my healthy lead, the kid had his mind set on a meatball marinara on Italian bread, hold the cheese.


What can you do, he's a boy.

On the way home we had to stop off at the grocery store for a few, OK, more then a few things. started out as one thing and we walked out with 15 things, or so, I think.

One of those needed things were these...


Remember those waxy, sugar juice filled soda bottle of way back when even I was a kid?
Fun to drink, fun to chew, even funner to photograph...


That is some kickin' depth of field, wouldn't you agree?

After that we were kind of tired after our day and so we settled down and watched a movie or two until the three of us finally gave in to falling eyelids and went to bed.

Tomorrow morning at exactly 9:30 AM we will be at Camp Boggy Creek's front gate to pick up the Bear who we missed terribly.
And even though Kolin says he is totally diggin' the excessive spoiling he's been getting from the both of us and wishes his brother could stay another week, deep down in his little wild man heart, I know he wants his brother back badly so he has someone brave enough to jump in that pool full of FREEZING water with him.
Yeah, it's be two more weeks till I am brave enough to get in there....for sure!! LOL!

Have a great day everyone and thanks for the salt filtration system advice. :0)

Love, Kim


Shiela said...

Good VERY EARLY morning...been up for almost an hour (can't sleep), and since I'm right next to my computer...thought I'd do an extra early check on the K Family! :)

Glad to hear the pool made it up. Those wooden blocks sound perfect!! All the strength the boys put into breaking them will be the strength/support of the pool. How cute! I'm glad you said whether or not Kolin actually went IN that pool yesterday....I wouldn't put it past a kid to attempt, but I would have definitely called him KRAZY if he did! :o)

Thanks for the pic of the sub (Veggie Delight is also my fav). GOOD THING it's the middle of the night or I'd find myself hungry right about now; your picture is awesome!

HAVE FUN PICKING UP KODY TODAY! Can't wait to hear all the details.

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Sucks that you don't have money.

Kim said...

Waking up every morning and going to sleep every night and never really finding any kind of happiness in between really sucks.
Fortunately I don't have that problem either.


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