Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's Your Flavor?

Spending all this {cough...cough} quality time with Kolin, while Kody is away at camp, has got me....

A. Wishing I could do this everyday.
B. Hit in the head with various sized Nerf Gun darts.
C. Enjoying life as a SAHM to it's fullest.
D. Scared !*$%@*!-less of his newest desire to pop balloons where I can hear them.
E. Wanting to explore the world of homeschooling.
F. Realizing my kid can out-fart yours.
G. Happily toting him to every store I need to frequent.
H. Thanking my lucky stars his hair is long enough to cover his excessive ear wax that darned if I forgot to de-gunk again.
I. Considering sending him to work with his Dad so he can spend some quality time with him.
J. No, seriously...I do believe they could use some time together.
K. Sitting together with him, sipping homemade lemonade and watching educational shows such as "Animal Planet" all day.
L. Watching him scarf Gummi Bears and Mountain Dew while maneuvering a new remote I will never be able to work while watching every episode of the "World's Deadliest Warrior" marathon on Spike TV.
M. Staying inside in the A/C while lovingly making sure he stays out of the 93 but feels like 103 degree Florida heat.
N. Raking dead leaves out of a 20 foot diameter circle where the new pool is going up while he sits on the pool deck telling me I missed a spot.
O. Spending time in the evening drawing flowers and rainbows with chalk on our quiet street.
P. Watching him in the evening, jumping all over the trampoline yelling "watch this!" while getting bitten by 1000 super-sized mosquitos and listening to my dumb a$s neighbors argue.

Well, anyway the list could go on all day but if you guessed I was lyin' my fool face off about letters...
A...C...E...G...I...K...M and O, you guessed right.

Today, in honor of my favorite ADHD kid, I plan to purge all of his the sweet treats in our home and go for the easy going, yet full of flavor healthy snacks.

So tell me, what's your flavor?

Sweet Junk...


Or Sweet Healthy...


Or this incredible Sweet 100% all boy kid....

MySillyKolin 010

Why can I not get mad at that face, even when he is popping off darts in my direction all day? Darn him.

Have a great day everyone!!
It is the start of the weekend and day 3 or is it 4 with Kolin. Will I survive? That is a question yet to be answered. Hehe....

Love, Kim


Random said...

I have no idea how boys manage to find so many things to fill their day - and how so many of them manage to include weapons, dirt, or both. We need some neighborhood boys around here to do that kind of thing.
Is Kolin going to blog again while Kody's away?

Shiela said...

Oh, Gosh...I love BOTH! (Well, all 3 if you include Kolin.) Chocolate Chip cookies are about my favorite but there's nothing like sweet, juicy, fruit. Sadly...if you put both in front of me I'd probably grab the chocolate first. DANG!! :o)

Kim, I loved your list. There were several that made me lol. Hope you're all having a great weekend. When does Kody get home? Monday or Tuesday it seems. I can't wait to hear about it!

Shiela in NY


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