Monday, March 31, 2008

Good Morning!!

It's looking to be a busy day today, so I thought I better say GM before times flies, as it likes to do these days.

The boys stayed up, with me to watch the entire Wrestlemania {no doubt they wouldn't..LOL!}.
They were both happy about the ladder match.
Kody was bummed about the Flair guy and Kolin was PO'd about Cena/Triple H not winning.
They both perked up and got over themselves when the Diva's came on...that's when I decided to go back out to the kitchen, set up the coffee machine for the morning and take advantage of dessert with Karl...who was watching Mythbusters, or something.
Plus...since he soooooo kindly decided to sabatoge my diet AGAIN....we took 5 minutes to share some cherry pie.
Darn him.

Anywhos....leaving you with two from yesterday. :0)

I wish I would of had him in a brown shirt for this one, but what can you do..last minute me...

Sheila...ANYTIME you ever get to had better stop on over! :0)
As for "brothery love"'s my fave. too. :0)
I had to show you all that they really are normal kids and they argue as sibs do...every darn day about something completely dumb. Welp, not dumb to them..but dumb to me.
Kind of like that Ric Flair/Shawn Micheals thing on Wrestlemania last night...hello? Boys? It's just a TV show, made for your $55.00 entertainment purposes anyway. :0)
Must be a boy thing...cuz to them it was something like the end of the world. LOL!!

Have a GREAT day everyone...we're doing the spring break thing this week.

Love, Kim

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wrestlemania Twenty Four

I'd say these two are ready for a night of wrestling. :0)

Field Day 2008

A few snapshots from Kolin's elementary school field day this past Friday.

The obstacle course, his favorite event. He came in first everytime...Go Kolin!!

Frisbee throwing...

Water races and another first place...

Feeling the bother love in-between events...

No exaggeration, 1 second/1 camera click later they were arguing about something :0)

Bean bag toss...

Not sure what this is called, but he kicked butt at this event too.
You can see by now that the sun was just beating down on him...


Stilts with a little help from Kody and his BGF/Fellow Wrestling Fan, Melina...

Kody being his usual party animal/goofy self...

Stick a fork in this one cuz he is done!
After the stilts and a head dunk of water...we checked out of school to start "Spring Break 2008". :0)

Have a great day everyone!

Today we are fixin' to watch the NASCAR race at 1:30 and my boys favorite day of the year..


More to come on that a little later. :0)

Love, Kim

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Winter's Ending Sale

Just incase anyone is interested, the hat site is having an end of the chilly weather sale.

From My Heart To Your Head

I'll be stopping the makings of winter hats and making way for more spring and summetime wearables.
Coming soon...
Petticoats, sun hats and sundresses.


Spring Break Day One

So far, so good.
Karl left for work and left me one cup of coffee.
Kolin got up early and is happily playing WWE video games
Kody is sound is Kaysha.
Delilah has her face stuck in her bowl of 9-Lives canned cat food...she is so spoiled.
Everything is quiet....too quiet.
I guess this would be a great time to put on another pot of coffee and show you some Kaysha pic's I took a couple days ago.

Every once in a while she gives me 5 minutes of her time, lucky me, huh?? :0)

We took these Thursday evening while the boys were at karate class. She's standing in the parking lot next door to the school, where there is this cool looking orange wall. It doesn't look real orange in these pic's though.
Anywho's..we found out the night before that my parking lot, which I love, because it's safe and keeps me from having to pull off, park, and unload the boys and all their equipment on the side of a busy street, is being made into a road soon.
Expect to see more of "the orange wall" and all the greenery behind it before it gets replaced by concrete and cars. :0(

I think I'll take some time this morning and go check on all of your blogs...while it's quiet around here, too quiet. LOL!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Love, Kim

PS. Kolin's field day was awesome! I'll have some pictures up later or tomorrow. :0)

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Helmets/GMA/Safety

I don't know if some of you may have seen Good Morning America this morning?
They had this small segment on kids learning how to competitive fight.
I am here this morning to say...

What the?????

OK, seriosuly....Kody and Kolin train too. But...there is a major difference.
The show this morning, in my opinion, was grossly represented. OK, it was awful.
Kids fighting WITHOUT safety protection, parents video taping this?

Not in this way, no how.

You'd have to be insane to even consider not having your child wear the very best safety protection, fitted by an instructor who knows 200% how to fit for the ultimate in protection.
Good Lord, Karl and I were cringing the whole 5 minutes that segment was on, it was that bad. boys are not being taught to fight/pick on or bully any other kids., they would be kicked out on their keesters if the thought ever crossed their minds.

They are taught to respect the knowledge that they are given.
They are taught to walk away, if possible.
They are taught to defend themselves against potential molesters/pediphials/kidnappers/adults who may get their kicks by hurting children.
They are taught safety.
They are taught control.

Nobody at their martial arts/combat fighting school has ever gotten hurt, nor gotten angry with each other. They are a family.

If, by chance, you find a school to enroll your children, to teach them how to defend themselves against the "bad people" and that school is anything like what was on TV this morning, do me and yourself a favor...
Get the heck out of there fast. Don't walk, do run.

I'm leaving you with some pic's I took yesterday. These are the boys new and improved, full face, sparring helmets and after seeing what was on GMA this morning...these pic's couldn't have come at a better time.

This next photo was posed. Normally they would be wearing hand, feet and sometimes chest pads. I took these quickly as we were walking out the door for class. the ole' soapbox.

Good news..."Broccoli Boy" is no more.
He's looking mighty sharp in his new spikey haircut, and so is his little brother, SPike Jr.
In about 2 1/2 weeks broccoli boy will return and we'll be doing this all over again. :0)

OK, gotta run. It's Kolin's field day today, which means I get to go watch him play all afternoon. It also means that the end of the school year is quickly approaching.
Dang...that went fast!

Have a really awesome day today!!

Love, Kim

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wild Flowers

Sending a little springtime your way...

Random acts are GREAT!!
Gotta love them...really, you just have to. :0)

Kody's tooth turned out just fine.,
After a set of x-rays, they found a tiny piece of popcorn kernal wedged into his gum, between his teeth, causing some swelling.
They got it out and he felt better right away.
Must have been that movie popcorn from Saturday. :0)
Anywhos..they said he brushes real well and hasn't got a single cavity.

Welps my friends..I have to run and get Kolin from school, then get both boys over to the haircutters for their every three weeks haircut..and believe me, that Bear has got a massive amount of spikey hair shooting out everywhere..he kind of looks like broccoli. LOL!!

Have an awesome day!!

Love, Kim

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Act Of Kindness Day

In honor of Wednesday, Hump Day, Middle of the Week Day, Longest Day of the week, garbage pick up day in Leesburg....

I'm going to call today...

"Random Act Of Kindess Day"

I challange you to do just one {or more if you like} nice thing for someone, anyone.
You don't need to know could be anybody.

Brighten up someone's day.

This morning it was a little chilly out, so Kolin and I brought the crossing guard at his elementary school {who is also an awesome friend of mine who taught me all about random acts of kindness because she does it all the time} a cup of freshly brewed, hot, hazelnut coffee which he and I made ourselves right before we walked out the door at 8:10.
It totally made my day when I watched Kolin give it to Miss Sharon and he got a big, huge hug in return.

I have to say...that completely made my whole day. :0)

Gone on now...wha'cha waiting for? :0)

Love, Kim


On any given afternoon at around 3 o'clock, Kaysha gets home from her day at Leesburg High.
By this time, Adriana has managed to take her late morning nap, gotten into just about everything, eaten handfuls of Cherrios, yogurt bars, those "puffs" baby food things, american cheese and pretty much anything else you can put in front of her.
She's usually changed, happy but growing bored with only seeing me all day.
She also gets tired again this time of day but is a nap fighter to the end.

This is where Kaysha comes into the picture.

Kaysha likes her after school but before part time job happy nap too.
In Kolin's room, where Adri's port-a-crib is set up, there is a comfy blue, cushiony, blue chair. It's right next to his window and it's where you'll find Kolin, on any given afternoon, honkering down to some WWE wrestling video games.

It's also, at that time of day, the most best place in our home to be because of the warm sunbeams that go straight through that window and on to anybody who happens to be lucky enough tolay claim to that chair.

Kaysha comes home 20 minutes before Kolin...ya'all know where I'm going here, right? :0)

Anywho's...who can stay awak with that warm sunshine on them.
Not Kaysha...
Not Adri....

Not for 5 whole minutes. They get into that blue chair and no kidding, they are both out like a light. of yesterday, they have new nicknames.

We've been calling them "Sunbeam", which makes Kaysha kind of laugh, sort of roll her eyes, makes me promise I won't call her that in public, and makes her swear her Mom is some kind of flower power blast from the past hippy girl...which btw, I'm not. I grew up in the 70's, got married in 1980 and I was the reigning disco diva of all time..big hair, silver pants, high heels, sparkly lip gloss, shout outs to the Brothers Gibb and all.
I was not a hippy..though I have always envyed the love one another feeling and the braided hair with flowers..I love that.

I haven't snapped a picture of the two of them in slumber city yet..but I will.
In the's a quick one I took last week as Sunbeam Sr. was holding Sunbeam Jr. and letting me know in uncertain terms that if she didn't get to work right away she'd miss out on all the good chop-chop, let's go.

Kody's home today with an on and off again toothache he's been having for the past few days.
I don't know if it's a molar/wisdom tooth coming through or his very first cavity...which I soooo hope not because he has such perfect teeth.
He's going to see his dentist at 1:30 this afternoon, so I'll let you all know how that turns out.

In the meantime, since Adri won't be here this morning and I have been looking up at the ceiling fans since yesterday..I have a job to do.
I have this new theory on ceiling fans..
When you turn them off..they become ugly.
I never really noticed the dust on the blades until they weren't spinning around.
Time to go break out the Pledge.

Have a GREAT day everyone!!

Love, Kim

Diet Day 1
4 o'clock PM
Channel 9
Cool Ranch Doritos

Forgive me...I cheated.

Diet Day Two
Try Again.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Move Over Desperate Housewives....

Bring on Paul McKenna!

OK...I watched it, I'm interested, It's fixin' to be shorts and tank top season and I'm doing it!!
Anybody out these want to do it with me?

LOL..OK, I'm not like, over the edge...yet.
Did anybody watch "I Can make You Thin"
with Paul McKenna
last night on "The Learning Channel"?

It was pretty, I figured, "ahhhh what the heck, I'll try it for a month, what do I have to lose..a few pounds, ummmmm yeah!"

Sooooo....if anyone wants to give it a try together..I'm here for ya.
Throw me an e-mail, we can exchange stories.

Not much else new here today, just another day in the neighborhood. :0)

Here's hoping your day is an awesome one!!

Love, Kim

Monday, March 24, 2008

Butterfly Weeds


These really are flowers? Holy Macaroni...who knew? Not me, thats for sure. Nine years ago I was told they were just weeds. And for nine years I've been pulling them out only to have them grow back again. This year I finally gave up and learned to love them. :0)


These are just weeds that grow like mad. If you tear them down, be sure a week'll be ripping them out again.

I kind of like them though...because they attract all kinds of butterflies..and that's just cool to me. :0)

Want to know the other reason why I like them?
Because they require absolutley no care from me and anyone that knows me knows that I can kill a plastic flower within a day. :0(


He's My Cherry Pie

Last week, after babysitting all day, running a few dozen errands, making endless phone calls, breaking up ridiculous arguments, weeding through five school folders, overseeing 4 sheets of math homework and 20 vobabulary words, driving Kaysha back and forth to the store and her job and carting the boys around for a two hour karate class, I came home to find the most wonderful thing just sitting on my dining room table.

If this was a dream...I sure as heck did not want to be woke up from it...

It wasn't a dream. man made his first ever cherry pie and he made it for me.
Gotta love a man that can bake.
Gotta love a man who, this morning, said he'd make another because this morning, after the kids left for school and in that very quick 30 minutes I have before Adri shows up, I scarffed the last of that cherry pie.
There is nothing like starting the week with a chilly piece of cherry pie and a super hot cup of hazelnut coffee. wasn't a dream. :0)

Have a sweet day everyone!

Love, Kim

Good Morning Monday!

Just wanted to put a few more pic's up. I really didn't take much yesterday {sad...but true..LOL!!}.

Bear's hand...

Kolin's hand...

Our eggs floating in the dye....if you look, you can see how I messed up the color tabs. Green went into yellow, yellow ended up in orange, orange is chillin' in the green cup. :-/

It was a busy Easter in and out, kids bringing their kids, our hillbilly neighbor showed up to cut down the overgrown jungle I call my yard, I forgot to get plastic eggs for the egg hunt, was a crazy day.
But....Karl's honey glazed ham and homemade bread made at all worthwhile. :0)

And, since I forgot to make him the only thing he asked for yesterday, at this very moment, I have a carrot cake in the oven baking up for his dessert tonight.
Please don't get any domestic godess's BC boxed mix and pre-made cream cheese frosting in a plastic container. LOL!!

Have a great day everyone...I've got to get the wet clothes in the dryer before I forget that too. :0)

Love, Kim

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter today. :0)

I'll post more pic's tonight or tomorrow.

Love, Kim

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby's Got Back Again

Just a few more...

This one was the last one...when Uncle Kody finally resuced her from the evil picture takin' G-Ma...

Gotta run!!!

Love, Kim

Baby's Got Back this the funniest t-shirt?

Ever since Adri was a tiny baby, Grammpa {Karl} has been singing "Fat Bottom Girls" to her...crazy, but she loves it and that girl can really shake her bottom to the beat!! :0)
Anywho's...when Kayara saw this t-shirt at the local dollar general store...that's all it took.

I'll have to put some more pictures up a little later, I only had time last night to downsize only one of them.

The boys are off to their swordsman classes this morning and I've got some things to get done around here, plus eggs, ham and chocolate bunnies to shop for {I know....last minute late as always}.
As an Easter treat this year {since we're not celebrating bigtime} I'm going to take the boys to the movies. Big sis KK sent them some $$ so that's how they want to spend it.
Guess we're going to see "Never Back Down" which is totally a guy movie...but what can you do, right? Horton Hears A Who is completely out of the question...where's Miss Alona when I need her? :0)

Have a great day everyone...I'll get some pictures up at some point today.

Love, Kim

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wishing Flowers I know that technically they are called "Dandelion Weeds" but how many Mom's and G-Mom's have graciously and lovingly accepted a handful of them from their babies, put them in a favorite vase and displayed them on the dining room table?
I still love them. :0)

BTW, the Southern variety of these wishing flowers looks different then the Northern brand, but they still float around the same when you blow on them. :0)

Love, Kim


There's nothing better then guiding me through mid-week then the color purple.
This morning, Adri and I were hanging out on the boys fort just a swingin' away when this awesome scent came our way.
No...not her diaper..I said it was awesome. :0)
It came from this batch of purple flowers. I have no idea what they are called but they grow wild everywhere..and they are gorgeous dahhhling, simply gorgeous.

Other then a Starbucks on every street corner..I could live year round with those purple flowers.
Unfortunetly...they don't last long enough and if I don't cut our grass soon, the weeds will take them over anyway.

Note to self...
Cut the grass this weekend.

Welp..I better get going while she's napping. I'm working on an Easter surprise for her and I'm running out of time to finish it.
I can't wait to show ya'all!! :0)

Have a beautiful day all...

Love, Kim

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake's First St. Pat's Day Part Two

But I have nothing else to share this morning. :0(

Later Gators!!

BTW...she's giving me "the look" because she knows darn well that she can balance on that chair...but she can't move off of it just yet. LOL...ya gotta know when to trap them. :0)

Have a great day!!

Love, Kim

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiss Me...I'm Irish

Forget the brisket, cabbage and potato's...just bring on the BBQ sauce cuz those thighs are just screaming for it! :0)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

It's all about the green today. :0)

Sooooo...did anyone else totally gross their kids out by making them "green" eggs this morning? LOL!!

I can't stay on long this morning so this will have to be a short update.

The weekend was OK...those pic's you see today cost me a box of "Little Debbie Smores" last night and green cupcakes tonight. Ah well..what can you do, modeling doesn't come cheap.

Adri should be here soon and since Kayara won't get off work till 2 AM {she works in an Irish restautant/pub}, Strawberry Shortcake will be staying here for the night. Soooo, if you don't hear from me again today, trust's going to be a long day around here as I haven't done 24 hour baby care in a long, loooooooong time.

I'll be updating the new hat site this morning, so if your still not sure where to go..
Join us here...

From My Heart To Your Head...The New Site

I finally got that "ribbon baby wrap" completed and yesterday put together some tiny, cute "Jester" hats. I made Adri one hopefully she'll leave it on long enough for me to snap a quick picture.

Welp...better get some stuff done before she gets here.

Have an awesome St. Partick's Day everyone!!

Love, Kim


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