Monday, March 24, 2008

Butterfly Weeds


These really are flowers? Holy Macaroni...who knew? Not me, thats for sure. Nine years ago I was told they were just weeds. And for nine years I've been pulling them out only to have them grow back again. This year I finally gave up and learned to love them. :0)


These are just weeds that grow like mad. If you tear them down, be sure a week'll be ripping them out again.

I kind of like them though...because they attract all kinds of butterflies..and that's just cool to me. :0)

Want to know the other reason why I like them?
Because they require absolutley no care from me and anyone that knows me knows that I can kill a plastic flower within a day. :0(



Anonymous said...

Kim, I love reading your blog and have followed Kody's story a very long time. I am so glad things are looking up for Kody and all the family. Those weeds you are talking about look like a plant that we buy here in Texas, called Lantana. I can't seem to grow it.
Still praying for the Bear and the family.
Northwest Texas

Anonymous said...

FYI:that wild-growing,butterfly attracting,drought tollerant flower is NOT a weed,though certain varieties are native to Florida.It comes in several color varieties.It is called LANTANA.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'd be interested...up here in Central Pennsylvania, they sell these in greenhouses. We buy them to plant in our gardens! Thought it was kind of funny...

Anonymous said...

That's a weed???!!! Too pretty to be a weed!

Ness said...

OMG Kim, I'm just catching up. I can't believe you've been pulling up my favorite flowers, Lantana. I got one when I got my cancer diagnosis and it's been my favorite every since


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