Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This one quick picture cost me one Cadbury Creme Egg.
The little brat.

I wonder what I could get out of him for an entire four pack? :0)

Thank you all so much for the prayers being sent out to Miss Sheila and her family.
I don't even have to ask Sheila to know how much this means to her.

I better get going, it's one of those days where I have a ton to do and the time is clicking away fast.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

The little booger..one Cream Egg, eh?! :) Thanks for the chuckle!! BTW, I think Kody's shirt and that backdrop match those BABY BLUE PEEPS that are for sale right now!! :)

You are definitely right...all the thoughts and prayers for my brother, Stan, or SO VERY MUCH appreciated!!! Again, THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Please send some sunshine our way. It's cold, and freezing rain here. No school again...last snow day of the year so now they'll start taking from scheduled holiday breaks, and then shorten summer vacation. Crazy kids get so excited about these "snow" (ice) days but then groan when they don't get the holidays later!! :)

THANKS AGAIN! Have an awesome day, and enjoy those Cadbury Eggs!! :)


Anonymous said...

Shame on you! That picture of the caramel Cadbury Egg has me gaining weight. I used to love the little m&m type eggs but now am addicted to the caramel eggs ... mostly the little ones by the dozen in an egg type carton. You outta get a percentage of what sells due to that picture!

Anonymous said...

Dear K family,
I'm praying for Ms. Sheila and her family. I'll even ask my bible study to do the same. Love, blessings and tons of hugs,
Tanya Nicole Servis

Mama Bear said...

What a handsome boy!! He's growing up so fast, right before our eyes!! Reminds me of those signs, "Will work for food". Well Kody's should say," Will work for Cadbury creme eggs!" LOL.
Thanks for sharing Kody with us!!


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