Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wild Flowers

Sending a little springtime your way...

Random acts are GREAT!!
Gotta love them...really, you just have to. :0)

Kody's tooth turned out just fine.,
After a set of x-rays, they found a tiny piece of popcorn kernal wedged into his gum, between his teeth, causing some swelling.
They got it out and he felt better right away.
Must have been that movie popcorn from Saturday. :0)
Anywhos..they said he brushes real well and hasn't got a single cavity.

Welps my friends..I have to run and get Kolin from school, then get both boys over to the haircutters for their every three weeks haircut..and believe me, that Bear has got a massive amount of spikey hair shooting out everywhere..he kind of looks like broccoli. LOL!!

Have an awesome day!!

Love, Kim


Just Lori said...

I love looking at all your flower pictures. It's still cold and snowy here in Minnesota. I can almost feel the warm sun and smell your flowers!
Thank you!

StarLovesPhoto said...

Just so you know...

Your pictures always brighten my day! :)

<3 Ashley

Anonymous said...

Isn't popcorn the worst Kody!? I got popcorn stuck in the spot where I had my wisdom tooth removed & had to take a trip back to the oral surgeon because I thought that it might heal with popcorn inside my gum - YUCK! Glad to hear that it wasn't a cavity & just popcorn! Hope you all had a terrific thursday :)

Anonymous said...

Glad it was just popcorn!

LOVE the flower pics!!! (SIGH...we're on a two hour school delay, as we had SNOW last night, and have freezing rain predicted til around noon)



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