Monday, March 3, 2008

Jumping Into Monday

This is a kid who would be so happy and content to do nothing but jump over and off things all day long...

Pictures like that one make me wish...

I was young again.

I had the energy of a 10 year old.

I didn't have broken knees so I could join him.

I could keep him that age forever.

I could find someone to cut the grass...dang, it's starting to look like a jungle.

Welp, the kids are all back in school today, so it's just me and Adriana.
They're still coughing their lives away, but it's looks to be one of those coughs that's going to last a while.
Thankfully, they feel much better. :0)

That's about it for now, everything else is...another day I suppose.

Off to update the hat
site..I have been busy this weekend. :0)

Have a great day!!

Love, Kim

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

SO GLAD the kiddos are feeling better!

I'm a wreck today. My brother, Stan, had his colonoscopy this morning and they have decided to give him a colostomy bag, as well as replace a stent he already has, AND remove a new tumor they found. Thing is...when he went in the hospital on Friday they said he'd be there a while before surgery, to get rid of a blood thinner that has been in his chemo meds. Today we were told that it's too risky for him to wait for the blood thinner to get weaned out of his system and this is basically emergency surgery. He did have some blood transfusions over the weekend so hopefully this will keep him healthy. He's very sick right now; lost 18 pounds in just over a week, so between being weak anyway, and the emergency surgery, I'm a wreck.

Just wanted to stop by before my brain becomes too fried. :)



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